Guardians Vol. 3: How Adam Warlock Will Be Different From The Comics

A lot has changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since the end of the Infinity Saga. We are now getting to know witness a whole new collection of threats to the surviving Avengers. This shift was even quicker considering Marvel didn’t waste any time to introduce us to the major parts of the MCU world. The shows helped us focus on much bigger things that were at stake. We also got to explore some things about the universe that had existed for a long time but were hardly touched upon or explored. Gone is the time that the universe was at the hands of those who held the Infinity Stones. The vastness of the Multiverse could prove much more daunting if not handled properly. But this makes us wonder if bringing Adam Warlock at a time like this is ideal or not. Let’s see how Adam Warlock will be different from the source material.

Guardians of The Galaxy

There’s not much wonder that we are going to see Adam Warlock finally on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The ending of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had already teased this presence and it will probably be continued in the sequel. James Gunn’s movies have been a vehicle to allow us to explore the vastness of the universe. Each movie has given us a tease or a hint at some of the characters or stories that have made an impact on the MCU. This could mean that Adam Warlock might also be a rather interesting addition to the cast and could actually be of much consequence.

The third film about the group could pick up right where they left their personal qualms in the last film in the series. Ayesha and her gold-skinned race called the Sovereign had decided to take their revenge on the group and Adam might emerge from the cocoon. Now the character may join the Guardians and probably be a substantial character in the future of the franchise. But ever since Will Poulter was cast as the character. we have wondered how it will be executed. Considering Adam Warlock won’t be able to meet his biggest enemy Thanos and at the same time, the Infinity Stones will be missing too.

Adam Warlock

How Adam Warlock Will Be Different

Adam Warlock’s narrative had kicked off in 1977 as the hero played a major role in saving the world from the Mad Titan. But the character already existed for more than ten years at that point. Most of his adventures till then didn’t even involve Thanos. He was given a purpose in life by the High Evolutionary because he was a genetically engineered being. They gave him the Soul Stone and sent him to a parallel world called Counter-Earth that was made by them. 

After going there he was able to make friends with a lot of people who accepted him for bonding. He learned a lot about morality and humanity and this helped him a lot in forming a character and a motive in life. This was new to him considering he was engineered and he had no idea about these things. His narrative is very closely linked with the Soul Stone. This was because he was in a dilemma when this Stone started draining the souls of his opponents against his will. Later he had to face off against Magus, who was basically a futuristic version of Adam who was corrupted by the Soul Stone. But it was only later that we find out that Magus was actually a part of Adam who was separated from him by the Soul Stone.

How Adam Warlock Will Be Different In The MCU

This narrative would be in great contrast to the way of MCU considering the Soul Stone won’t really have the same value in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. MCU could actually use some other such artifact to generate the impact that the Stone had on his life. There are various artifacts that exist in Marvel which could be used for creating this circumstance. At the same time, we are going to get much larger antagonists in comparison to Thanos in the MCU and they can be used to face-off against Adam. This clearly indicates that Adam Warlock could become an essential figure in the future of MCU without the Infinity Stones and Thanos.  


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