A Major Supervillain Is Confirmed For The Batman Solo Movie

The Batman has not even officially started its production, but the upcoming DCEU project has garnered enough attention to ensure that the movie will be highly anticipated. Ben Affleck announced that he was stepping down as director of the film which got tongue wagging about whom his replacement would be. With Affleck off, even his penned script was given a rewrite from Justice League screenwriter Chris Terrio. This new move brings the question of who the players for the film will be.

The one official confirmation for the film is Deathstroke, who will be played by Joe Manganiello as the main antagonist of the film. With the script rewrite, however, changes the entire dynamic of the film. Forbes has written an in-depth article about The Batman and subtly  mentioned that  the film will have “a few other likely villainous appearances by characters including the Joker.”The article fails to mention how the Joker will have a connection with Deathstroke.

If the article is true, then it would be the second time that The Joker, played by Jared Leto would make an appearance in the DCEU. The Joker had previously appeared in Suicide Squad where he did have Batman chase after him and Harley Quinn. The Dark Knight and The Clown Prince did not interact face to face since the movie was more focused on Harley Quinn. If The Joker is featured in The Batman, it will be the first time that the famous enemies would face each other in the DCEU.


The possibility of seeing more villains had been a speculation that had gained traction over the months, some rumors even claiming that Arkham Asylum to be the setting. The revelation about The Joker would no doubt mean that Harley Quinn will not be far behind her “ pudding.” Suicide Squad did end with the duo escaping Belle Rove.

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