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When The Eternals First Met The Avengers, They Almost Killed Them!!!

Marvel’s new Eternals: Celestia #1 is out and it has some cool new deets about when the Eternals arrived on Earth a million years ago. The comic is set around 1,000,000 BCE and reveals how the Eternals encountered the First Avengers. To be more clear, Eternals spared those Avengers as upon scanning, they didn’t pose any threat to the planet. When the Eternals first met the Avengers, an Eternal held back and scanned them. When he saw that they were more of an ally rather than a foe, they chose to step back.

The Eternals originated around one million years back. Apparently, the Celestials created them to serve the Cosmic Gods. Celestials have been on missions to many planets over the years, including Earth. And when one went missing on Earth, another came to find it. However, the latter got infected and attacked the Avengers, who had to kill it to save everyone. Therefore, the Celestials decided to create Eternals to gather some intel on these Avengers, their powers and planet. For many years, Eternals served their masters until Eternals just left Eternals on their own. As a result, they wandered about the Earth without any purpose.



When The Eternals First Met The Avengers

This new comic is about the time when the Celestials sent Ajak to Earth to check up on who these ‘Avengers’ are. Her mission was to gather information on them and check if they were a threat to the population’s safety. When she arrives and named the ones who sent her, Odin and the Starband Hulk confronts her. However, even when she was in a fight, she is constantly scanning them. With each hard blow, her molecules de- and rearrange, showing just how strong she was. Although, these punches did not stop her from gathering information about them.


Ajak died soon and came back sooner and sent the gathered information to the Celestials. She made some pretty straightforward and quirky comments on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. According to her, the avengers were ‘deeply inefficient’ and gathered together for the ‘loosest of causes’. Despite these remarks, she declared them as an ally to the Great Machine. She asked the Eternals to stand down and ‘not annihilate these ‘Avengers”.


When The Eternals First Met The Avengers

The comic has great writing by  Kieron Gillen, Kei Zama, John Livesay, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles. It tells a great story with greater finesse. This gives an example of how the Celestials could have asked the Eternals to destroy the Avengers. And they could’ve done it. We hope we see some similar powers in their MCU counterparts.


The movie is going to hit the theatres on November 5 this year. Are you excited about it? Let us know.

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