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Eternals: The Link Between Galactus and Celestials explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has lately become a sprawling spiral of content. it is spewed at such a speed that we forget whether we are watching a movie or just trying to comprehend what is going on. Kevin Feige has perfected the style of bait and switch. He does enjoy enticing the audience and plays the expectation subversion well. But sometimes the fandom likes to draw certain references that have no place existing. Take the latest Eternals trailer for example. It is quite nice to see Marvel explain where the Eternals were during Thanos’ invasion. But what is even more interesting is the reveal of Celestials. Eagle-eyed fans will remember the holographic presentation by the collector in Guardians of The GalaxyBut movie fans, all they see with a giant creature is Galactus. So here is the Link Between Galactus and Celestials.

The trailer shows us Arishem the Judge in all his glory, who is Arishem, you ask? Well, dear reader, I’ll tell you. This thing is celestial. It is a primordial being. As far as the MCU is concerned, this is the big daddy of cosmic entities. He is one of those things that created the Eternals and is almost like a God to them. A big reason why Ajak has so much clout within the Eternals is that he (she in the MCU) is one of those beings who can communicate with the Celestials. Regardless of the situation, the Celestials are not beings that are to be trifled with. Moreover, they are not exactly the same race as Galactus, read on to find out what I mean. I will say this though, both of these beings have more in common than you think. We were surprised too.

Origin of Galactus

Link Between Galactus and Celestials

In one of the old Marvel comics, Galactus revealed his origin. You see, he was not always a power-hungry monster who consumed worlds without regard. Although a lot of people assume that Galactus has sort of always existent as the natural foe of life, this is not entirely true. Galactic was originally called Galan. He was part of an ancient race, some members of which were forced to endure the end of their planet. In the moment of their destruction, the few that remained perished one after the other, except Galan. For some odd reason, this individual absorbed the energy of a collapsing star and got transformed into Galactus.

Things only got weirder from here. No one could have expected such a turn of events but what was even more surprising was Galactus’ insatiable thirst that came from the event. After absorbing all that energy, Galan realized that his Galactus form can only exist if he continues devouring planets or large masses of energy, his life now depended on razing entire civilizations, so the character did just that. He even collected a couple of Heralds along the way. Silver surfer being his most famous herald.

The other interesting part of Galactus’ origin is that he was actually a cosmic occurrence. It is said that the power cosmic preordained his creation in response to the creation of the celestial. Ergo Galactus was created specifically to be able to oppose the Celestials and the imbalance they brought about in the universe. If the celestials represented life and chaos then Galactus was a manifestation of death and the order that comes from it.

Link Between Galactus and Celestials

It may sound bleak but that is exactly how it was. The power of Celestials was only opposed by the mighty Galactus and so it was that the universe was at balance again. The connection between Galactus and Celestials is nothing more than being weights on the cosmic weight scale. How quaint, the devourer of worlds used to tip the scales. Well, this may not have been the connection that fans we’re hoping for but it does establish how important Galactus/Galan is in the ethos of the MCU. Without him, the cosmos would have delved into chaos long ago.

Link Between Galactus and Celestials

He is a necessary evil, an entity that keeps us in check and keeps us in control. If he weren’t here we would have destroyed ourselves. What do you think of this connection? Does it sound comic accurate? Does it sound plausible? Or does it seem like we are making things up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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