Captain Marvel Writer Reveals Why Carol & War Machine Ended Up in a Relationship

Captain Marvel has been the second biggest movie of the year and except for a certain trash group, everyone wants this franchise to do well. Carol is the strongest hero there is in the MCU and she surely deserves a great story overall. There’s a lot that we don’t know about her, but we’re certain that no other hero is more powerful than her. The film was great for her origins, but she still has a long road to travel in the future.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

One thing that Captain Marvel as a film lacked was giving Carol a love interest. All of the other leading heroes who have got solo films have got love interests, and even many of the supporting heroes have got them. But Captain Marvel seems to have saved it all for future stories. While we’re yet to know who it’s going to be, Avengers: Endgame may have given us a clue at it.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

Before the film came out, the fans were actually shipping Thor and Captain Marvel as that is how the second trailer of the movie presented things. But that was never the case, instead what we may have seen is the love-spark between Carol and Rhodey. Thor and Captain Marvel didn’t get together in the way we wanted them to, but Rhodey just might get the strongest booty in the galaxy. At least now he may get to do something great in the MCU!

Avengers: Endgame Writers Captain Marvel War Machine

What’s great is that if Marvel decides to get Rhodey and Carol together at some point of time in the future, then there would be a whole lot of comic book precedence to follow that. All of this came from just one little scene that happened in Avengers: Endgame. There was a 5-year time jump in the story where anything could have happened. The second time we Carol is after the 5 year gap through a hologram where she gives a briefing report to Black Widow along with Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, Okoye, and Rhodey. As everyone signs out, Rhodey and Carol give each other a stare long enough for fans to notice and Carol then signs out wishing her good luck.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

This stare could imply three things. It could either be nothing, or perhaps the spark of attraction between the two. Or they could be dating with or without the team knowing. The latter two are very plausible since this is totally canon to the comics where these two heroes do share a loving relationship.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

For some fans, the relationship between them may seem kinda odd. But it totally isn’t, and it won’t be in the MCU. Both of them are about the same age even though Carol ages slowly. In the comics, they became friends and soon that developed into something more. But those who thought it to be odd were kinda right because this wasn’t the original plan of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine spoke to Marvel Studios producer Mary Livanos and Kelly Sue DeConnick, and there they talked about everything related to Captain Marvel, including the situation of how Rhodey and Carol actually came together, with Rhodey surpassing the originally primed main interest for Carol. Those who have read the Comicbook run of Kelly Sue DeConnick will know that there was a photographer who popped up in Carol’s life (Frank Gianelli) and he was actually supposed to be the love interest of Carol D. DeConnick said:

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

“Obviously, Carol and Rhodey is a thing that I enjoy. I tried to fix her up with this character Frank in my run, and then she was not having it. She picked Rhodey, and that makes sense, and not just in a romantic relationship.”

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers War Machine

Well, Rhodes was always going to be a better match than some guy named Frank! But even in the MCU, this could actually work. Avengers: Endgame didn’t kill Rhodey and this is probably the reason why. Rhodey could surely appear in future Captain Marvel movies, and finally, get to do something more significant. But this obviously won’t mean that he will get out of playing second fiddle in the MCU!

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