6 Ways to Encourage a Depressed Person

“Understand” is a common word, but a taxing task for most of folks to incorporate in their daily life. It takes a deep approach to perceive the stories surrounding another person’s wit. UNDERSTAND that a depressed person requires your attention and appreciation. A depressed person requires a shoulder to bare his/her heart, from the prolonged, bottled feelings of loneliness and neglect. The slightest altercation can leave a deep impact on a depressed person’s mind. Be careful while talking to them . Try not to be insensitive and rude to them. Delegating a task that they refuse can prove to be detrimental for them.


A depressed person craves encouragement. This is probably one of the voids in their world. Use examples to help him find a way to the lost hopes and turn over a new leaf in life. The examples may be of  well known personalities, or somebody in the family. Use phrases like , “You can certainly do this.”


Talk it out
Do not leave a depressed person  to his own devices and hope the situation gets better on its own. Discuss if the person has suicidal, or self -harming thoughts and give your advice convincingly.

Be sensitive

Do not offend a depressed person who is already at the end of his tether by reacting angrily, or spitting out bitter words. Remember, they have a fragile mind that can get moulded into taking an extreme step at the drop of a hat, for what may seem to be no apparent reason to us.

Family Time

In the mind boggling, hectic schedule these days, family time appears to be a once in a blue moon time, which is pathetic and taxing, especially for a depressed person. Some time reserved for the family must be spared everyday, to interact with each other and discuss matters that may appear  petty. It may  manifest itself to a broader problem for a depressed person, who invariably gets irritated easily.


Being a good listener can appease the havoc created by the isolated feelings inside the sophisticated heart of a depressed person. Encourage the person to speak up about what pesters and needles him inside. But remember, DO NOT JUDGE! Be polite and listen earnestly with attention.
Depression is not an incurable mood disorder. Having said that, the recuperation from depression is not quick and takes some doing . Patience is the key .

Ruchika Bhatia

A student of commerce by choice ,she is an ardent admirer of Nature and loves contemplating on the mysterious stories it binds everything with . She would be worse off and as miserable as sin sans reading . Non- fiction fascinates her . For her ,Writing is a persuasion of her long cherished passion . Strong Believer of the maxim that a pen is mightier than a sword .Wishes to be globetrotter one day .
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