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    Starting Your Own Business – Where to Begin?

    Having your own business, having everything you’ve ever dreamed of finally working out for you, being an entrepreneur, being your own boss -sounds interesting isn’t it? But is it that easy? It takes a lot of hard work  ahead of you, it takes passion and guts to take risks, to make a change in the world, you need to obsess…

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    10 of the 1,000, “Before I Die” Walls In the World

    Last weekend, I visited a café which was unique in itself. I am not describing about the lip smacking continental food and the refreshing drinks there. The art wall that made this café unique, the art wall named “Before I die, I want to ___”. The wall drove us crazy, walking past after the dinner; we were compelled to scribble…

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    Success Has No Recipe

    “Hand me in another plate……. Or make it two”- said Rohini, a business woman and mother of two who lives down the lane. It has become a regular routine for her to come with her toddlers at the end of the day to treat themselves to a plate full of spicy fuchkas (i.e gol gappe in delhi ). She is…

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    5 Life Lessons Taught by Robin Sharma

    Robin Sharma is an acclaimed Canadian writer and a famous inspirational speaker. He has been a source of inspiration for thousands of people around the world. His works that brought him laurels were “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Leader Who Had No Title.” He is the author of 15 best seller books. Recently, I read one of…

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    5 Ways to Bring Out The “AMAZING SOUL” Within All Of Us

    We often show the world what it wants to see, but it is high time that we present what we want to show. All of us have an “ideal self” within. There is an air of distinction between the person we “really are” and the person we “want to be.” We are often confined by the notion of being laughed…

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    5 Ways To Survive A Bad Phase In Life

      Sometimes we have to give time to TIME, because it feels that there are no other options. In everyone’s life there comes a saturation point, either the person becomes aggressive, or  he/she surrenders themselves. We all want to escape from negativity in our life, but running and hiding is not a solution. We must face it, because no matter…

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    6 Ways to Encourage a Depressed Person

    Understand “Understand” is a common word, but a taxing task for most of folks to incorporate in their daily life. It takes a deep approach to perceive the stories surrounding another person’s wit. UNDERSTAND that a depressed person requires your attention and appreciation. A depressed person requires a shoulder to bare his/her heart, from the prolonged, bottled feelings of loneliness and neglect. The slightest altercation can leave…

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    6 Little things that will make you feel Proud of you

    Feeling proud of yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. But have you ever wondered do we really need to accomplish great things to make us feel proud of whom we are. Being applauded in the class for answering a correct answer, giving the best suggestion to solve an issue, seeing your parents happy with your result…

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