Starting Your Own Business – Where to Begin?

Having your own business, having everything you’ve ever dreamed of finally working out for you, being an entrepreneur, being your own boss -sounds interesting isn’t it? But is it that easy?


It takes a lot of hard work  ahead of you, it takes passion and guts to take risks, to make a change in the world, you need to obsess over your goals, and pour your heart and soul into achieving them.

Many of you I’m sure, have such dreams and are currently not very happy with your lives. Sit back and ask yourselves this one thing. What are you doing to change that? What are you doing to make a difference? What are you celebrating on weekends exactly?

If the answer is nothing, then you know where this is going.
You need to push out the negativity out of your life, how? By pushing out people who keep bringing you down, people who lack faith in you, and people who keep telling you that you cannot overcome your fear and mistakes.

Surround yourself with driven individuals and people who have faith in you. People who are so good at what they do that they make you jealous, who keep you going, who make you believe that you can do better. Because, trust me when I say this, one can always do better than before. Make your circle small and your goals larger.


Evaluate your plan. Business is about profit, sure, agreed. But the sole purpose must be to serve the society in a better way, to bring about a change. When you make an effort to contribute to the society, it won’t go unnoticed in the long run.

In the beginning obviously, you’ll have to give in more than you receive. Learn to treat profits are just a reward, never let it be your key driver.

FEARS- keep them but don’t let them get to your head. A little fear of everything is good to some extent. “Will it work, will it not? What if it doesn’t? What next?”

Whenever you’re bombarded with these questions in your mind on a bad day, just make sure to question yourself- “why not?”

There will be tons of hurdles, both physical and mental. From working day and night to sacrificing stuff and obviously- criticism.
How can people who certainly don’t care about you at all, sit back and “not care” while you mind your own business? They’ll keep poking their nose in from time to time, trying to influence the people who do actually care about you. One word – IGNORE. Don’t let the pre-existing social norms block your thinking.

Its important to have that faith in yourself and your plan. If you won’t trust it, why would somebody else? On your way you’ll have to convince people to work with you, its business we’re talking about and it requires team work at all times. First thing in that process is to convince yourself. Don’t push yourself to stand out, just keep doing your thing.

¬†Convince yourself and don’t linger. No matter how good or bad you today was, keep moving forward. Don’t make excuses. They’re the same as failures. Everyday will be a challenge. Build up the courage to face them. Think of every new morning as a new adventure and enjoy it to the fullest. Its vital to love what you do. Love your work and others it will love you.
Take risks. When you want to change something, its always risky. But keep in mind an idea or a thing that keeps you going. Think of it as – If i survive this, it will bring about a change. For you as well as for others. You can be materialistic and keep in mind a status symbol you want to achieve, anything you wish. But the main point is to find that motivator!
Just, don’t ever give up. You’ll may find yourself at 2 am in the middle of the night thinking about giving up your dreams, that could be your biggest weakness. Have a purpose and never give up on it, no mater what. It will work for you if you work for it. If not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, someday.
Dream. Focus. Believe. Work. Inspire. Work more. Have faith. Move forward. Strive for success. Never give up. Get shit done. Be your own version of Harvey Specter.

Esha Kohli

She is an 18 year old aspiring writer. Currently studying literature at University of Delhi. When not busy writing instagram blogs, she's either trying to polish her singing skills or discovering new creative stuff on youtube. Her only motto for life is to : NEVER GIVE UP.
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