Legends of Tomorrow Hints At The Arrowverse’s Next Superhero Wedding

Superheroes always like to hook up. And they like hooking up with each other even more. A guy outside their world will seldom understand what it means to wear the mask and the cape and go out into the night, fighting crime and saving the day. We have seen several such examples of superhero couples in the big and small screens. While the Big Screens certainly do have a lot of superheroes becoming a thing, it is the small screen world of Arrowverse we are talking about. After Barry and Iris and Oliver and Felicity finally exchanging vows at the end of the Crisis on Earth X crossover, the midseason premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hints at yet another superhero wedding.

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs contain MAJOR spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode ‘Daddy Darhkest’. If you haven’t watched it yet, well, you know what to do.

In the latest Legends of Tomorrow Episode, we see Citizen Cold, Earth X version of Captain Cold (both played by Wentworth Miller), finally saying his final goodbyes to the team and leaving the Waverider for good. Turns out, Citizen Cold has a personal mission of his own to do: Propose to his longtime boyfriend Ray ‘The Ray’ Terill, the light manipulating superhero from the parallel universe.

The Episode saw Sara and the rest of the Legends teaming up with John Constantine to help save one of Constantine’s patients who was possessed by a demon. The demon had called out Sara Lance’s name and John wanted to know why. So he sneaks aboard the Waverider and decides to pay his time traveling pals a visit.

The Legends agree to help him with the intention that they could gain some valuable information regarding Mallus. The patient that John Constantine was trying to save turned out to be Nora Darhk, the daughter of Damien Darhk and the one who could be credited with setting all sinister plans in motion. Nora has been a servant for Mallus since decades, and Mallus rewarded her loyalty by helping resurrect her father. But the Patient in the mental asylum and John’s client; was a version of Nora that was still untainted by Mallus. At that point of time, the young and emotionally vulnerable Nora was still a noble soul and Mallus had just discovered her.

The Legends try to exorcise her while Kuasa shows up trying to stop them before they change a key event in Mallus’ history. Kuasa is dealt with but Mallus proves too powerful for John’s incantations and he uses Nora to draw up a temporal manipulation spell on the floor pushing Cold, Constantine and Sara back through time and into 1969.

The trio tries to find their way back as Sara starts experiencing horrifying visions of Mallus trying to get into her head. Constantine tries to save her and with the right mix of words, he does. As Sara and Constantine lock eyes and decide to cut the sexual tension between the two with a good ol’ shack, Cold is almost lobotomized by the Asylum’s staff members.

Sara decided to use her own body as a vessel to bring forth Mallus and draw the same spell on the floor again, to bring them back through time. She almost succumbs to Mallus’ trickery but ends up saving all of their asses by her. The trio ends up back in the present day.

After John Constantine bids his goodbye to the Legends, Citizen Cold does too.

Citizen Cold comes to Rory and gives a somewhat heartwarming speech for someone literally called Citizen Cold:

“Just wanted to say I’m grateful — grateful I was allowed to tag along with you and the Legends. It was an experience and an education. I’m proud to know you, and… well, this is hard. This is me saying goodbye,” he said. “Take care of yourself, Mick.”

Rory stands up and gives Snart a hug as Sara walks in just in time to witness the duo bidding farewell. Cold then tells Sara:

“On that note, Captain Lance, I’m going home. I’m going to ask Ray to marry me,” Cold explained to her. When Rory looked surprised and flustered, he clarified, “My Ray, not your Ray. It just feels like it’s time to sign up for…”

“A different kind of adventure?” Sara suggested.

Legends of Tomorrow

“A different kind of adventure. Exactly,” Cold agreed

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