10 Worst TV Show Couples

Couples on TV don’t always work out and look adorable. There are some that lack chemistry and rhythm and sometimes even make us cringe. While there may be many couples on television that we ship wholeheartedly, these are some of the couples that just don’t make the cut to that list and are instead some of the worst TV show couples for various reasons:

 1. Haley and Andy (Modern Family):

The eldest Dunphy sibling has had her fair share of dumb boyfriends but her fling with Manny was the most boring. Andy seemed like a genuine and sensitive guy who could be a suitable match for Haley but he turned out to be as dumb as Dylan and even though he had feelings for Haley, he never got the courage to show it.

 2. Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars):

They do make a very attractive couple on screen but there are a lot of things wrong with this couple. We are not even talking about the unprofessional behaviour of Ezra when he fell for his own student who was a minor! Ezra kept too many secrets from her and even stalked her and her friends because he needed material for his novel. *cringe*

 3. Ted and Zoey (How I Met Your Mother):

Ted Mosby had many love interests in the show and most of them were wrong for him and it never worked out. Zoey was his love interest in season 6 and both of them were enemies for a while. They met outside the Arcadian and it became a big point in their relationship. Their tug of war over this building and their fights were simply annoying and we ended up almost hating Zoey as a character.

 4. Mary and John (Sherlock):

Worst TV Show Couples

Should we even justify this one? JOHNLOCK FOREVER! So Mary Watson was definitely an interesting character for the show but honestly, we couldn’t shed many tears on her death. John and Sherlock belonged together and Mary was this third wheel between them. Mary’s complicated past made up for some good drama but it just wasn’t good enough.

 5. Archie and Veronica (Riverdale):

While everyone ships Bughead and they have become the most famous couple in the show, Archie and Veronica simply lack the chemistry needed for them to be an ‘It’ couple. The actors playing these characters are both attractive and are even friends in real life but it just doesn’t translate well to their on-screen pairing.

 6. Ross and Rachel (F.R.I.E.N.D.S):

We will probably get some backlash for this but this iconic couple had a lot of issues and a lack of compatibility between them. Firstly Ross’s obsession with marriage and the way he got jealous whenever Rachel found a new man was pretty annoying. Rachel wasn’t the most sensitive either and overall their relationship was just a mess.

 7. Sheldon and Amy (Big Bang Theory):

Sheldon Cooper is one of the most popular TV show characters ever and what made him special was his inability to understand human emotions and urges and his robot-like demeanour. It all changed when the show decided to give Sheldon a girlfriend and he became a functioning human being. It simply spoiled his character and felt unnatural. Amy is a good character but the show has made her into just Sheldon’s girlfriend which is a shame.

 8. Frank and Claire (House of Cards):

They may seem like the ultimate power couple but this was never a healthy relationship. Both of them have had their fair share of affairs but they pretend to be an ideal couple which is simply annoying. Their relationship is simply based on politics as is their life in general. We may admire them as individual characters but together they are one of the worst couples on TV.

 9. Danaerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones):

This was one of the most cringe-worthy couples to have ever appeared on TV. Khal and Khaleesi went on to become an iconic couple in pop culture with a huge fan following but is everyone forgetting how unhealthy this relationship was? It started with a forceful marriage and then multiple rapes! Later somehow after all the abuse, the characters fell in love and Khal Drogo died and became a martyr. Even Dany and Jon have a healthier relationship than this one even though it is incestual!

 10. Cersei and Jamie (Game of Thrones):

This is obviously one of the most toxic relationships on TV and we are not even talking about the incest part of it. Cersei is evil and while Jamie has had a great character arc in the show but still he has done some disgusting stuff and he also becomes annoying when he is with Cersei. Hopefully, Jamie will go against Cercei in the final season but we cannot be sure.

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