Game of Thrones Premiere Images Revealed And They Will Blow You Away

Finally, we have got something to see after the two trailers for the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Fans cannot wait for the premiere of season 7 and now HBO has given them something to cheer for while they wait for 2 more days.

HBO has released many images from the first episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones and they are awesome.

These images show that almost every character of the show is going to be featured in the first episode. Characters from all of Westeros have popped up in these images and it is amazing to see out patience being paid off in a grand fashion.

These images point out to many details and insights the fans were expecting to see and wanted to clarify.

They tell us that in which direction the show is leading us and the story, and what would or could happen on the show let alone the first episode.

There are images from The Wall, there are images from King’s Landing, and there are even imaged from Dragonstone, the home of the Targaryens. This means that Daenerys will definitely make landfall in the premiere.

The other big reveal in these photos is the news that Bran has seemingly made it back to The Wall. Meera, who is the only companion the Stark boy has left, is pictured at Castle Black with members of the Night’s Watch.

Well, this surely hints towards Bran meeting his brother and sister pretty soon in this season.

The images also depict Brienne training Podrick, Lyanna probably having yet another epic scene and Cersei having all preparations done for the battle that she knows is coming towards her.

Game of Thrones

What other details can you point out in these images and where do you think the first episode is being led? Tell us in the comments.

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