5 Ways To Survive A Bad Phase In Life



Sometimes we have to give time to TIME, because it feels that there are no other options. In everyone’s life there comes a saturation point, either the person becomes aggressive, or  he/she surrenders themselves.

We all want to escape from negativity in our life, but running and hiding is not a solution. We must face it, because no matter what, there will be a time when you will remember that moment for the lessons you have learned from it. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes years to know that reason, sometimes  it comes to you immediately. These are some things to consider.


Your family is always there for you. Trust them. No matter how many disagreements you may have, at the end family is everything, and they will support you.



Try to surround yourself with positive people who motivate you.



Share your experience with people you are close to. Sometimes just sharing things solves the 50% of the problem. It helps you in releasing your emotions, which is necessary sometimes.



Play with a pet, if you are an animal lover. They will love you endlessly and unconditionally, no matter how you treat them.



Take a break from your routine. It helps in filling those worried boxes of your life with happiness and smiles.

You Only Live Once. You will have to face both black and white clouds, so keep it simple and live it happily.

Ruparna Ghosh

The Leo Bong girl who loves to eat punjabi cuisine. Loves to read,drive, travel and eat. Loves to help those who tries their best.
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