• 8 Celebs Who Have Successfully Battled Depression

    Depression is just so normal and can happen to everyone. Even celebs are not immune from this state, be it bipolar or post-partum depression. Read about these celebs who have actually struggled their way out of depression. 1) Ashley Judd Life is not a bed of roses. You might feel that Ashley Judd has a perfect life. A loving husband,…

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    8 Ways to Identify the Unhappy You

      You want to be happy but aren’t. You tried to smile, but end up cribbing and getting irritated about things. If that’s you, well, you are certainly not “happy.” Here are ways by which you can identify what’s wrong with you and try to correct it: The past: Thinking too much about the past is one thing that makes…

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    12 Calming Tips to Come Out of a Depression

    Stand in front of the mirror and scowl, pull out your tongue, make faces, slouch with your stomach protruding, hunch your shoulders, glower stare at your image, widen your eyes suddenly. It is guaranteed that you will start smiling, realize that it was silly you. You will slowly come out of your depressed state. Apply a good quality perfume. It…

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  • NewsSurvive a bad phase in life

    5 Ways To Survive A Bad Phase In Life

      Sometimes we have to give time to TIME, because it feels that there are no other options. In everyone’s life there comes a saturation point, either the person becomes aggressive, or  he/she surrenders themselves. We all want to escape from negativity in our life, but running and hiding is not a solution. We must face it, because no matter…

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    6 Ways to Encourage a Depressed Person

    Understand “Understand” is a common word, but a taxing task for most of folks to incorporate in their daily life. It takes a deep approach to perceive the stories surrounding another person’s wit. UNDERSTAND that a depressed person requires your attention and appreciation. A depressed person requires a shoulder to bare his/her heart, from the prolonged, bottled feelings of loneliness and neglect. The slightest altercation can leave…

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