How What If…? Fixed A Major Issue With Guardians Of The Galaxy

While the episodes of What If…? give us a massive hint of what could have happened regarding a certain specific character. We can clearly see that the Nexus events can have massive repercussions throughout the universe. Hence leading to massive changes in the storylines and arcs of the characters we have otherwise known for a while. The same can be said to have had happened to various of the supporting characters we hardly held any regard for. The second episode dealt with a much bigger Nexus event. It had a much larger impact on the story of the original plot it was built upon. This has helped in fixing a major issue with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Second Episode

The second episode of What If…? dealt with the Nexus event of T’Challa being the Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. The characters that we had previously seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies make appearances. But a major impact was made by the appearance of the characters who had otherwise short roles in those movies. This included Korath the Pursuer, who is killed off in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. At the same time also having been appeared in an earlier storyline in the movie Captain Marvel. He appears here as a fan of the Star-Lord and later joins the team of Ravagers. The Ravagers also change their code of conduct as they now do good deeds for the unfortunate. Some of the major characters also have a massive change in their arcs including Thanos and Nebulae. 

Heroic Return

Another one of the major transitions is seen in the character the Collector’s servant Carina. To give it a bit of context, the original character has a devastating death as she tries to grab hold of the Infinity Stones. In this episode, she takes a more heroic turn by doing a few acts of goodness. She saves T’Challa by killing Ebony Maw. Secondly, after T’Challa and Yondu defeat the Collector and lock him in a cage, Carina takes control of his collection. She sets all the captives free so that they can take revenge on the Collector. 

The Issue with Guardians of the Galaxy

This helps the MCU a lot because to be absolutely honest Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t treat its female characters very well. The first female character is a forgotten one-night stand experience of Peter Quill. Carina originally ends up being a suicidal slave in desperate need to get free. By making those changes in Carina’s character we get to see a heroic version of her and hence a much more respectable version.

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