Batman V Superman – New Details Confirm An Extended ‘Martha’ Scene

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie that has divided people into two halves. There is one group that totally loves the movie while the other one truly hates it with their heart. There is no middle ground for people who find the movie average. Same goes for Director Zack Snyder. He does have a certified fan base but his movies do not please all the audience groups.

Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder is known to direct movies that portray a darker and grittier version of the world we live in. the general audiences are usually not ready to accept this world even though it is the real world we actually live in. this is why Marvel is much more successful, and Wonder Woman is considered to be the best of DCEU. Those movies are filled with hope, inspiration, and justice. Snyder also portrays that, but he does it in his own lengthy way.

Batman V Superman

If you do give Snyder full autonomy and time, he will surely deliver, but WB has not once but twice fiddled with his vision and that has not played well for anyone. Man of Steel was a hit, so WB put their full faith in Zack Snyder. This led to a rushed step of not only doing a Batman V Superman movie, but Snyder crammed so much in it that most people actually had no idea at what was happing in the movie, at certain points. Still, WB edited at least 30 minutes of important material from the film Snyder presented. It was already a complex plot, and the senseless editing made the movie unbearable for many people.

Then came the Ultimate Edition. Snyder added 25 minutes of important scenes in the movie which really helped the plot of the movie in a big way, and people actually liked and understood what Snyder was trying to deliver in the movie even though it had crammed good material worth of at least 4 movies. The Extended Cut was recorded at 2 Hours and 55 Minutes. The movie was lengthy but people liked it. Snyder then reported that there was still a lot of the material that was lying on the floors of the editing room. It was mentioned that the actual fight between Batman and Superman, on which the entire movie was set up was actually 14 minutes long.

Batman V Superman
Batman V Superman

The Theatrical cut of the movie gave us just 8 minutes of that brawl, which ended because Superman and Batman’s moms had the same names! Well, we would have liked if the fight went on at least for 4-5 more minutes. But let’s move forward. Now, new details have hit the net suggesting that there was more to the Martha scene. No not the Martha scene that ended the clash between DC’s biggest guns, the Martha scene that came right before that.

In the movie, we saw that Lex Luther had got hold of Martha, and he is the one who had been plotting a fight between Batman and Superman. He forced Clark to go take on Batman and put a timer upon him. Since Superman is so powerful himself, he has got Super Speed and strength, so many fans argued that Superman could have actually pinned Batman down and explained to him the situation. The basis of the fight between them was really weak. But it had to happen for the movie. Still, even before going to Batman, Sups could have found his mother on his own.

As it turns out, when a fan asked about this particular question to the Cinematographer of the movie, Larry Fong, he replied that:

“We shot at least part of it as I recall…”

Which means that there is actually an extended scene of Superman looking for Martha before going to take on the Caped Crusader. Seeing Superman failing to locate his mother in the movie would have made sense, but it may have slowed down the pace of an already slow-moving film.  

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A Snyder movie and WB’s editing room seem to be going hand in hand now the same thing happened with Justice League. But this time, Snyder was not around for seeing his movie through, because he “supposedly” departed from Justice League due to the tragic death of his daughter. The WB hired Whedon to alter the movie completely and give us the cut that they wanted. This pissed fans even further. But it is history now and we have to let it go.

Would you guys have liked to see an extended Martha scene? Tell us in the comments!

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