10 Marvel Villains That Pose The Biggest Threat In MCU Phase 4 And 5

Until now, Marvel has been building up to the ultimate Big Bad Thanos who posed the threat to wipe out half the population of the Universe once he managed to collect all the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately for the heroes, he has managed to do that and they are in the Endgame from here on. The Avengers will fight for whatever is left and possibly revert whatever Thanos has done. With the coming of Captain Marvel, we know that Thanos is going to be taken down, but what comes next? Who will Marvel bet their chips on to be the next biggest threat in the future phases?

Here is a list of villains/anti-heroes they may bring into the MCU Phase 4/5.

Silver Surfer

With the coming of the Fantastic Four due to the Disney-Fox deal, it may be possible that Silver Surfer may get introduced very soon. The cosmic world of the MCU has already established itself, but there is a lot to be covered, and Silver Surfer can be added into the mix as a threat first before he turns against his master Galactus. This threat coming in the worlds outside of Earth will make it different from what we have seen with the bad Fantastic Four (2) movie before, so this could surely be a way to move forward.

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom is known as the best villain from in the Marvel comics, but what Fox has done with him is just horrendous! He is one of the smartest and absolutely cunning villains. He may not be as powerful as the likes of Thanos, but he has managed to outsmart seemingly powerful people like the Hulk, Silver Surfer, and even Galactus. He was once able to trick what we may know as the most powerful being known as the Beyonder!

What he lacks in strength, he makes up with his intellect, technological advancements, planning and preparations which allow him to be a step ahead of everyone. He once got the status of God, so if done right, he could be what Loki was in the first Avengers, or may be much bigger than that!


Well, we know that Adam Warlock is coming in hot with the GOTG Vol 3. He is immensely powerful and possesses a very high intellect. James Gunn has teased that he will have a huge role in MCU’s future, so he may be an initial threat to the Guardians.

Magus who is an alternate evil version of Warlock has a much higher potential to be in Marvel’s future Phases as they develop Adam Warlock. Being even powerful than Warlock himself, the cosmic world and maybe the Avengers as well may face a huge threat taking down his bad guy.

The Skrulls

Captain Marvel next year will bring in the shape-shifting green aliens, who will also have a small story arc in Avengers 4 as well. The Skrulls are a big part of the Marvel comics as they brought the secret invasion storyline, so Marvel could very well adopt that storyline post Avengers 4, and finding the Avengers and many big characters being replaced by the Skrulls would just be as thrilling and entertaining to see as the Winter Soldier turned out to be with HYDRA. And as we know that Captain Marvel will surely get a trilogy, the Skrulls may be continued for more than just 2 movies.


With the X-Verse being done with screwing up 2 of the biggest villains like Apocalypse and Phoenix (twice), and Magneto as the bad guy being more than overused, Onslaught could be the different direction that may be taken with the characters that we have seen a lot of times now. He is a massively powerful and armored psionic entity that is a mixture of Charles Xavier’s brain and Magneto’s dark soul.

His motivations are a mixture of the ideals of these two as well because Onslaught wants Mutants to be accepted throughout the world and is fuelled by the lust for vengeance against humanity. Even the Hulk and the Juggernaut were not able to take him out, so he could be the next big adversary that allows the X-Men and the Avengers to crossover, and at the same time, give a different direction to the X-verse.

Mr. Sinister  

Fox is currently building to the arrival of Nathanial Essex as he was recently teased in Deadpool 2 and was also teased in X-Men Apocalypse. But with the coming merger of Disney and Fox, this villain may not get to see the light of the day in the way Fox has been developing him. Also, it may be a much better idea to bring him in the larger MCU, before risking another failure from Fox.

Fox has already ruined many big villains and is about to have a double blowback with Phoenix, so if Mister Sinister is left for the MCU to take up, then it will be a much better opportunity for us to witness this immensely strong villain. Him being a genetically-altered human with superhuman physical and mental abilities, he possesses Telekinesis, can project energy and has the ability to telepathically manipulate the minds of others in various ways.  He also has some other insane abilities which would seem great cinematically, so Mr. Sinister could be left to bring into the MCU in the right way.


This cosmic villain will be right at home within the MCU. Mostly the MCU villains have a sympathetic motivation to the way they formulate their plans, Annihilus is totally the opposite as he means to do exactly what his name implies, which is to annihilate everything that comes in his way.

This Evil bug king could be brought in with Captain Marvel further opening up the cosmic world and him having ties to the likes of Nova can also be explained pretty well. Due to his intelligence, formidable technology and ties to not only Thanos but also the Fantastic Four, he could be the way to move forward in Phase 4 or Phase 5.


Dormammu has been done once in the MCU when he was introduced in Doctor Strange, but we have to admit that he is way too powerful of a villain to be thrown away after just one small appearance. Even Thanos has not found a proper way to take him down in the comics, so he could surely be brought back in the future of MCU.

Dormammu promised that he would leave Earth alone, but now the cosmos have been established quite well in the MCU, so he could easily be brought in to attack and consume other worlds and planets for good.


Robert Reynolds aka the Sentry is yet to appear in the MCU, but due to his insane assets of abilities, he puts Thor, Hulk, and even Captain Marvel to shame! He is popularly a good guy, and he is just like Superman of the DC universe, but with vastly more abilities! Just like Adam Warlock, he also has his own evil counterpart known as The Void!

The Void now only stops Sentry from holding back due to his lame boring morals (like Superman), but it also unlocks his latent powers which would be devastating for the entire Universe. This is too much power for an individual who sometimes faces mood swings and can go out of control from time to time. So having him manipulated and go on a darker path could unleash the biggest threat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


MCU Phase 4 Marvel villains

With Silver Surfer coming into the picture, he would only pave the way for the devour of Worlds, Galactus to ultimately built up as the big bad for the next 2 or 3 Phases. Fantastic Four 2 did utter injustice with the character as he was turned into a giant cloud that consumes worlds without having anybody or personality whatsoever.


Galactus could really work on the big screen as he also brings balance to the Universe by destroying old planets for the new one. The character has mighty powers that can destroy entire galaxies is feared as a force of nature. His power and hunger for life could really come in the way of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to be taken on as an adversary. Even the likes of Odin and Mephisto were no match for this cosmic being.

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