10 Most Harrowing Mistakes in Popular Movies

Movies have been a source of entertainment for quite some time now. But there is always room for a few marginal errors. Mistakes in movies can often cause the movie to take a deep nosedive, or even deviate from its original path of plot. Moreover, there have been some mistakes in several movies that kind of give off a very creepy vibe. Although these mistakes may have a few errors here and there. These mistakes were noticed by fans gives off a very eerie feeling. Mistakes have been spotted in different genres of films, but the weirdest ones are the ones that crept up in a family rated movie. So, here is a list of creepy movie mistakes, that turned out to be scary.

Die Hard

One of the movie’s most iconic sequences was the fight between John McClane and the terrorist henchman Karl. However, in the scene right after John wraps a chain around Karl’s neck and rams him into the wall. While John reloads his handgun, an eerie human figure resembling Karl is seen right behind the pillar to the right overlooking the entire act.


Mistakes in Popular Movies

In David Fincher’s crime and mystery Se7en, the audience witnesses a scene that sees the police force break into an apartment supposedly linked to a killer. The following scene witnesses Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) and Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), discover the killer’s withered victim represents the deadly sin called Sloth. It is here that the audience can notice a third arm coming out of the victim’s left shoulder. Even though David Fincher’s choice of poor lighting in this scene was not able to conceal the 3rd arm, it certainly became a major freak show in tandem with the film’s narrative.


The movie witnessed the effects of bad VFX errors make through the final release cut of the movie. One such weird mistake was when the VFX team forgot to warp around a major detail in the movie’s climactic musical number. “Finale: The Ad-Dressing of Cats”. Eagle-eyed fans were able to catch a glimpse of Judy Dench wearing her actual wedding ring, in several shots. Although a human wearing a ring is normal, but if a talking cat that has been molded around an actor is seen wearing one, it kind of gives the audience the creeps.

Dead Ringers

David Cronenberg’s psychological thriller is already as disturbing as it can get, but things get much weird when because of the technical limitations of that time, a very creepy event is added to the film. In the movie, during a scene where identical twins Beverly and Elliot Mantle (Jeremy Irons) are conversing with each other. Elliot is seen walking away from his brother Beverly towards the right side of the screen. But, some viewers who watched closely suddenly find Elliot dissipate out of existence in the scene, which gives it an extremely paranormal look.

The Lion King

Mistakes in Popular Movies

One of the most popular movies of the ’90s which a lot of us have grown up watching also has an incredibly creepy scene which kind of freaks one out. In the beginning, scenes when where a newborn Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is being forcefully bathed by his mother Sarabi (Madge Sinclair), we witness Sarabi’s neck extend exponentially, from the place where she is seated. If picturized practically, it would look like Sarabi for the time being has developed an extremely long neck, that she can take longer or shorter according to her need.

Pulp Fiction

The movie was one of the greatest hits of all time, but with the popularity, there also comes a lot of eyes trying to crack and decipher every scene. One such creepy incident happened with the Pulp Fiction narrative, where one of Brett’s (Frank Whaley) associates blindly open fire at Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta) missing them completely. What’s weird that just before the shooting scene, one can already see the bullet holes that seem to have missed Jules & Vincent already etched on the wall behind them even before the shooting has occurred.

The Incredibles

Mistakes in Popular Movies

The movie witnessed Brad Bird and his team of inexperienced 3D animators’ goof up an animation layer on Mr. Incredible, which resulted in his teeth jutting out of his upper lip in the first 4 minutes of the movie. The animation error made up for a very eerie look of Mr. Incredible on screen.

I Spit on Your Grave

In one of the chase scenes, one can witness the crew members trying to record the scenes from the sidelines. Although the thick forest covering helped them to blend in, a few of them were not smart enough to evade the recording and got recorded in the final release, However, it is kind of a creepy thing to see someone recording events when a helpless girl is trying to run away from guys who would probably kill her.

That Awkward Moment

The movie witnessed a scene where Ellie (Imogen Poots) is hanging out with Jason (Zac Efron), but her image, or rather her reflection on the window glass seems to behave very weirdly as compared to Ellie.  This scene in this rom-com made that particular sequence extremely terrifying.

The Martian

Mistakes in Popular Movies

The movie showcased Mark Watney (Matt Damon) leave the Ares III site at the beginning of the movie, which showcased that through two different camera setups Mark had left his initials in two different places. But the shocker came when a close-up to both the initials suggested that they were not the same, giving rise to an uneasy plot within the movie and confirming the plot of a Mars invasion on Earth.

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