How Ron And Hermione’s Lives Changed After Defeating Voldemort

Ron Hermione’s Lives After Defeating Voldemort:

The magical and adventurous tale of Harry Potter is incomplete without Ron and Hermione. They were not only his family but the two stood by him through thick and thin since the very first day of Hogwarts. And in the wizarding world, thick and thin means way more dangerous than in the muggles’ world. After years of fighting the darkest wizards and the deadliest traps set by the Dark Lord, the famous trio was finally able to defeat Voldemort. They couldn’t have come this far without Harry’s bravery and smartness, Hermione’s knowledge, and Ron’s strategic mind. But their biggest weapon was their love and loyalty for one another. Even though they defeated their biggest nemesis at the Battle of Hogwarts, their lives continued. Since the world of Harry Potter and the trio were vital parts of our childhood, we’d always love to get little glimpses of their current lives.

 1. Profession

Ron Hermione’s Lives After Voldemort

After losing Dumbledore and the Battle of Hogwarts, neither Ron nor Harry returned to the school. Needless to even mention that Hermione did join back Hogwarts to finish her studies and also got her N.E.W.T.S, unlike her friends. As for Ron, he didn’t find it useful for himself to return to Hogwarts anymore and was glad about it. His experience with the deadliest wizards and creatures taught him more about defense against the dark arts than what the school could have. He and Harry were appointed by the Ministry of Magic as Aurors who protected the wizarding world and laws. His first project was to hunt down the deceiving Death Eaters like Lucius Malfoy who fled the battle and ditched Voldemort to fake their innocence. We shall dive further into Hermione’s impressive career in the next point.

 2. Hermione’s Contribution To The World of Magic

With her hard work, dedication, and vast knowledge, Hermione earned herself the position of the Minister of Magic. Her vision and fight to bring changes in the wizarding world won everyone’s trust and made her the first “muggle blood” minister of magic. She worked day and night with utmost sincerity to reach this position. After completing her studies, Hermione had joined the ministry under the department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She advocated for the well-being of the house else and succeeded in improving their lives. She also left no stone unturned in working to lift the pro-pure-blood laws that seeded the majority of the hatred in their world. Thus, she managed to introduce the magic world to new and better rules for house-elves and transformed the blood-laws.

 3. After-Effects Of Voldermort’s Horcruxes

Ron Hermione’s Lives After Voldemort

We saw what a toll Voldemort’s Horcruxes, the locket, took over Ron. The piece tortured Ron mentally and affected him acutely. It forced him to feel insecure and tried to drive him away from his friends. However, the shrewd reporter, Rita tapped on to his misery and built a conjecture calling him mentally unstable.

 4. Chocolate Frog Cards

In the wizarding world, the chocolate frogs came with a card featuring a famous wizard with a few facts on him. The first time Harry learned about Dumbledore and how he looked was on this chocolate frog card that he bought on the Hogwarts Express. Years later, the trio also found themselves a place on individual cards for their unforgettable contribution to the magic world.

 5. Ron’s Wedding Eve

Ron Hermione’s Lives After Voldemort

Before you get too excited merely by reading the sub-title, remember that we are talking about a Weasley, especially Ron out of all the people. As a Weasley and a Gryffindor, known for being fun-loving and reckless respectively, Ron ended up enjoying himself too much. In their wizard version of the bachelor’s party, Ron got so wasted a night before his wedding that he was under hangover throughout the whole wedding ceremony. Ron admitted that he barely had any recollection of the biggest day of his life.

 6. Albus & Rose

Hermione and Ron had a daughter named Rose and a younger son, Hugo. Rose and Harry and Ginny’s son Albus Snape were about the same age and grew up to be very close until they joined Hogwarts and got separated by houses. Rose was sorted into Gryffindor and Albus into Slytherin. Like her mother, Rose turned out to be a bright and smart student at school and later became the head girl. She also inherited her father’s humor and her love for chess. So, it’s safe to say that Rose earned the best qualities of both her parents.

 7. Godparents: Ron and Hermione

After Harry and Ron’s sister Ginny got married, from being best friends, the two men turned into a family as brothers in law. We vividly remember that James and Lily Potter made their best friend Sirus Black Harry’s godfather. But Ron and Hermione had all the more reason to be the godparents of Harry and Ginny’s kids as their uncle and aunt. While Ron & Hermione were the godparents of Harry’s kids, Harry himself was a godparent to Remus Lupin’s son.

 8. Ron joined George at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Ron Hermione’s Lives After Voldemort

The Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was a joke shop opened by Fred and George Weasley at Diagon Alley that sold items to play practical jokes. It provided a variety of other magical products like love potions and defensive products. However, George had to run the shop alone after losing his charming partner in crime, Fred at the Battle of Hogwarts. Later, Ron left his job as an Auror and joined George at the shop.

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