The Pumpkin Bomb In No Way Home Trailer Might Not Belong To Green Goblin

One would assume that the Pumpkin Bomb in No Way Home trailer belongs to Green Goblin. But what if the bomb isn’t really his? Willem Dafoe is expected to reprise his role as the villainous Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But what if it’s all a ruse to distract us from the original user of the bomb? According to the comics, Norman Osborn is not the only Goblin in the multiverse. And as we go deeper into the chaotic multiverse, many characters are known to use bombs like the one that was seen in the trailer. It might be the evil Hobgoblin that fans have been waiting for since 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marvel entered Phase 4 of their story with WandaVision earlier this year. The first three phases, known as the Infinity Saga, was about Thanos and his quest to wipe the universe of half its population. The recent Phase 4 television series have proved that the upcoming phases will not be as easy as the prior ones. With the introduction to the multiverse, the upcoming storylines will be more complex and chaotic. The new phase comes with new characters and their problems that are going to impact the bigger story that connects them all.



Multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little. Multiverse was first teased in WandaVision and was introduced and created in Loki. Doctor Strange will be explaining this concept further in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film will start right where the previous movie ended. Mysterio/ Quentin Beck disclosed Spider-Man’s real identity to the whole world and accuses Peter of the Elementals’ attacks.


Understandably, the public turns on him and accuses him of the loss of life and property everywhere the Elementals attacked. The law authorities interrogate him and his friends for his crimes. So to save everyone and make everyone forget the truth about him, he finds his way to Doctor Strange. Surprisingly, Strange agrees to perform the spell but the spell goes wrong and tampers the space-time continuum. Villains from different times and worlds use this opportunity to find their way to Peter’s world. It is upon Peter to save him and his world from them and stop others to do the same.



Pumpkin Bomb In No Way Home Trailer

The trailer described the aftermath of the public revelation of Peter’s truth and the way he is coping with it. Eventually, it deals with the consequences of tampering with the space-time continuum and opens portals for bad guys to make way to Peter’s world. These bad guys are the group of supervillains who assembled to take down Spider-Man, the notorious Sinister Six. The group includes Lizard, Sandman, Electro, Doc Ock, Green Goblin and Venom but only Doc Ock physically appeared in the trailer. The other villains were teased conspicuously in the background-Jamie Foxx’s Electro’syellow lightening, the sand storm, the tail of the lizard and the infamous pumpkin bomb.


The pumpkin bomb points directly to the Green Goblin and his evil laugh in the background confirms it further. But what if this is all a trick to confuse the fans to believe that Green Goblin will be returning. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, MCU fooled the fans quite easily and they might be trying to do it again. Actually, Green Goblins is not the only character to use these pumpkin bombs. There was another character who uses the Green Goblin tech to wreak havoc in Peter’s life. The Hobgoblin is a recurring character in the MCU who was inspired by his predecessor, Green Goblin. Hobgoblin was actually a title taken on by a lot of characters over the years. To your surprise, Ned Leeds is one of the characters who take on this mantle and ever since his introduction in 2017, fans have been waiting for this.



The first Hobgoblin in the comics was Roderick Kingsley who alters the Green Goblin serum and his costume to fit his MO. The title late befell upon Ned Leeds when Roderick used him as a stand-in. And since Ned Leeds, who is already in the MCU, is so manipulative that it makes sense. The pumpkin bomb that we see in the trailer might be of the Hobgoblin rather than Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. It is possible that Willem Dafoe was cast just to distract us from finding this, just like they did in Evan Peter’s Ralph Bohner in WandaVision.


Pumpkin Bomb In No Way Home Trailer

Many of you might find it hard to believe that Ned might turn into a villain, being Spider-MAn’s best friend and all. But it is a theory that might turn out to be true or just remain what it is. But with the multiverse open for grabs, this Hobgoblin might not be the Ned Leeds that we know. He might be an evil variant of Ned who is out to get revenge for himself. Or they could show someone brainwashing Ned to pick up weapons against his best friend as they did in the comics. Either way, this theory is one of the hundreds that might remain unanswered until December 17.

Peter Parker’s last solo-outing is set to hit the theatres this Christmas so don’t forget to check it out. For more theories or your view on this theory, reach us in the comments section below.

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