10 Convincing Theories Explaining What The One Piece Could Be

Theories Explaining The One Piece:

What is One Piece? One of the longest-running anime in pop culture history, Luffy and his merry band of Straw Hat Pirates are in search of a legendary treasure left by the Pirate King Gol D Roger called the One Piece. And even after hundreds of episodes, we are yet to see any semblance of One Piece in action. Many fan theories have sprung up trying to give us their take on what the One Piece could be. Let us list them all out for you.

 1. It’s a Weapon of Mass Destruction

There are three ultimate weapons in One Piece. They are Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. Pluton is a massive warship designed by the engineers of Water 7 Island. The Ship is capable of massive destruction on a grand scale. Its’ whereabouts are not known as of now. Poseidon is in reality a mermaid princess. She possesses the ability to communicate with the Sea Kings. The weapon only known as Uranus is yet to be seen in One Piece. It could be an animate or inanimate object. The One Piece could be either the third ancient weapon Uranus or something that units these three weapons in some way to create the ultimate destroyer.

 2. It is the Devil Fruit Tree

Theories Explaining The One Piece

The Devil Fruits are objects of heated debate amongst the One Piece Fans. When a person eats the Devil Fruit, he or she gains incredible superpowers. Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Fruit and gained superhuman elasticity. The catch is – you will not be able to swim ever in your life. Considering you are going to live the life of a sailor sailing in the open seas, that is a huge sacrifice. The current arc deals with the creation of artificial Devil Fruits. But one question that remains unanswered even after scores of episodes is that where does all these Devil Fruits come from? Maybe the One piece is the Tree of Devil Fruits, the point of origin of all powers in the anime series. Now that would be a treat to watch for sure!!

 3. It’s Eternal Knowledge

We hope this is not true. Earlier in One Piece, we have seen that there is something called the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree was the patron spot where many researchers and explorers came to study and share knowledge. It was the epicenter of intelligence in the world. The Pirate Nico Robin has explored the Tree of Knowledge and has been associated with it. The Tree of Knowledge ended up being destroyed. But what if another one existed? What if a second, way bigger Tree of Knowledge was actually One Piece because, in the end, all Man-Kind looks for is to have the ability to see, hear, and know everything. The One Piece Treasure could be the gift of omniscience.

 4. It’s Joy Boy

Joy Boy was the most infamous and prominent personality in the Void Century, an age that has been written out of the history books. Joy Boy played a very huge part during the Void Century Age. Gol D Roger has remarked that he felt bad that Joy Boy and he could not be from the same era. The Fish-Man Island was made a promise to by Joy Boy about 900 years ago. The contradiction is that the Poneglyphs were invented about just 100 years ago. This means that the legend of Joy Boy puts his age at more than a thousand years old!! Since he survived for so long, maybe Joy Boy is still alive. Maybe One Piece is the immortal Joy Boy himself.

 5. It’s the Journey

This is a theory that is accepted in a lot of fan circles. The theory states that the One Piece is not an object. It’s an experience, a journey if you may. To reach and obtain One Piece, one needs to reach the mythical island of Raftel. The island of Raftel is the last island in the Grand Line. One cannot reach there alone. He or she needs a family of allies and friends who would give their lives for the cause if need be. Maybe One Piece is about Family or the Power of Nakama. To achieve One Piece is to make a family you could fall back on. The journey of One Piece could theoretically aim to do that.

 6. It’s a lie

It will be the stupidest twist to the long tale of One Piece. Gol D Roger was called the Pirate King. He wanted his legacy secured. But as a pirate, he saw the world in a different light. The only way he could give that gift to others is by inventing a lie. The lie must be big enough to entice generations upon generations to search for a legendary treasure that never existed in the first place. The legend of One Piece might turn out never to be real. It was a filthy concoction developed by Gol D Roger to keep the Pirate World alive and kicking with ever-increasing numbers. As we said, it will let a lot of people down but it still has the possibility of being true.

 7. It’s just a big old pile of treasure

Theories Explaining The One Piece

Gol D Roger was many things. But the first and foremost thing he was is a pirate. And as a pirate, it is his fundamental duty to loot and plunder. Pirates are all about the booty. The more booty they get, the richer and more powerful they are. Gol D Roger was the Pirate King. His booty would have been of legendary stature. Maybe One Piece is just the good old treasure of gold, gems, and rubies. That would be a very disturbing and extremely predictable turn of events. But there might be a silver lining here. Some theories claim the One Piece is not just gold, it is a lost Civilization made up of Gold.

 8. It’s a secret that could destroy the World Government

The World Government rules the entire world of One Piece. They govern and enforce the laws. A few elite people at the top control the matters of the World of One Piece by essentially coordinating the resources of the World Government. Gol D Roger could have found a secret that was so world-shattering it could destroy the legitimacy of the authority of the World Government. Maybe One Piece is not gold or some immortal machine/weapon of mass destruction. It is just a secret that is so huge it could destroy the Old World and lead to a New World Order.

 9. It’s about the Void Century

Theories Explaining The One Piece

What is the Void Century? All we know is that it is a time period of a hundred years nobody is allowed to discuss. The World Government hunts down anyone who might have information about the Void Century. Only a select few know about it. The secret of the Void Century must be something that big since the entire world has been purged of its existence. The Void Century is the missing link that needs to be addressed within One Piece. It is a truth so devastating that those who now consider it to be a burden that must end with them, refusing to tell it to anyone because it might be too much to handle. One Piece might give us the final answer to reveal what the Void Century was truly about.

 10. It’s the gateway to a whole new world

Theories Explaining The One Piece

The world of One Piece is basically made up of small islands. Set up in the North, South, West, and East Lines. The Red Line is the biggest landmass. The last island in the Grand Line is Raftel. But what if the word One Piece means that the World is just One Piece of a larger picture? What if the One Piece is just a gateway to another world? Gol D Roger found an entirely different world and named the gateway to that new world as One Piece. This would surely be helpful in creating an even bigger world and adding even more adventures to the saga of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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