All Dud Villains Introduced in MCU Phase 4

MCU’s Phase 4 has been a mixed bag, and so have its villains. Some movies and TV shows have been mediocre, while 4 of them have been pure masterpieces. But sadly, there have been many villains throughout Phase 4 who have joined MCU’s long-running villain’s problem. We spotted at least seven dud villains introduced in MCU Phase 4:


Taskmaster is supposed to be a master in combat. But instead, his or, in this case, her abilities have come from a suit. And she didn’t even get to showcase it properly because all of her fights were lackluster. We hope Thunderbolts shows us more of Taskmaster and less of a Suit-Meh-Ster.



While Ikaris turned out to be a pretty cool antagonist for the team to take on, Kro just seemed like a forceful tagalong to keep the deviants in the mix.


The Clandestines aka Djinn did not get the kind of exploration and character development they should have.



Villains Introduced in MCU Phase 4

Christian Bale was excellent in his portrayal, but his character was flawed and inconsistent with his motivations. For someone who is a God Butcher, he indeed should have slayed more Gods. Taika and Co could have easily added 5-10 minutes of more Gorr to the concise run time of the film. Bale shot so many scenes; sadly, they were all left on the editing room floor.



She-Hulk hasn’t faced any formidable villains or challenges till now. Titania was supposed to be one. But she has been turned into one of the worst villains ever!

Karli Morgenthau

Karli Morgenthau’s motivations could be supported. But her actions made it hard for us to back or connect with her. Ultimately, her death did not matter to any of the viewers.


Eleanor Bishop

We were all expecting Eleanor Bishop to be revealed as Madame Masque towards the end of Hawkeye. But that didn’t happen, and she became yet another ordinary antagonist.

Which other villains did you guys hate in Phase 4? Let us know in the comments.

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