Who Will Be The Villain of Thunderbolts in MCU?

Marvel officially announced this project at SDCC earlier this year. And they revealed the lineup at the D23 Expo, which included Bucky and Yelena as the team’s leaders. Along with them are two Captain America replacement super soldiers, the US Agent and Red Guardian. And then there are two assassins from Russia and SHEILD, the Taskmaster and Ghost, respectively. Val, who is MCU’s own Amanda Waller counterpart, would handle this team. But who will be the villain of Thunderbolts in MCU?

Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came together to give us this lineup. But looking at the members, quite a few were disappointed as there’s a lot of redundancy. Everyone was expecting the Abomination, Zemo, and even The Red Hulk. But they didn’t come in. And since the Leader has been named as the villain of Captain America 4, We’re all left wondering who would go against the Thunderbolts. This is the first part of the list, and we’re going to discuss two candidates here who could be the Villain of Thunderbolts in MCU:


Baron Zemo & The Dark Avengers

Zemo is a master tactician. He made the Avengers Empire crumble and implode from within. And because of that, Infinity War and Endgame happened. So, a guy who caused three world-altering MCU events has to be very dangerous. But The Falcon and the Winter Soldier turned him to the good side! We began to root for him. His dance was arguably the best scene in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


We presumed he would join the Thunderbolts squad since he was placed at the Raft. With his background as a former Colonel of the Sokovian Armed Forces and a commander of EKO Scorpion, he would have fit perfectly in this spy roster of the Thunderbolts. He and Bucky had resolved their beef. And with him being a rich Baron and having a lot of resources, he could have been the Bruce Wayne of this Suicide Squad. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, or else Marvel would have revealed it.


Villain of Thunderbolts

Although, there is evidence that he would appear in the film. And this clue comes through Marvel themselves. On the official Marvel page, the URL of the article about the Thunderbolts cast initially had Zemo in it. So, Marvel may not have revealed him coz he is going to be a villain in the movie. He may have resolved his issues with Bucky, but he still hates super people. That’s why he had his Butler kill those leftover Flag Smashers. And now, he could bring a squad of bad guys to go up against Val’s team.


I say this because, in the comics, he took on the identity of Citizen V and brought in a bunch of other supers to outshine the Avengers. But Zemo was using this team for his evil intentions. So something like this could happen in the MCU. But, if you think that Zemo being the villain would be repetitive, then we could look at the following candidates…


Hulk & Skaar

She-Hulk is setting up a World War Hulk storyline. Hulk’s arm has been fixed, and he is off to Sakaar to bring back his son Skaar. I feel that we’re very close to getting an Angry Hulk back. But we’re not sure whether Marvel has gained back the rights to make a solo Hulk movie. So instead of making a World War Hulk movie where Hulk and Skaar go berserk, what if they become the villains of the Thunderbolts?


All the former villains slash antiheroes of the squad will get an excellent redemption arc if they get to stop a couple of out-of-control Hulks. Now you may be wondering how exactly a team of spies and Super Soldiers would stop two Hulks. Well, that’s where the Abomination comes in. I feel that he wasn’t announced as a part of this team because Marvel didn’t want to spoil She-Hulk. But towards the end of the show, Val or some others might come in to recruit him. And then the tables would turn as the Abomination would become a hero against a maddening Hulk and his child.


What are your thoughts on the villain of Thunderbolts in MCU? Let us know in the comments.

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