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    WandaVision: Finale Episode Sets Two New MCU Villains

    WandaVision has established Marvel’s Phase 4. The series concluded this Friday with an epic battle between Agatha Harkness vs Scarlet Witch. Their battle was interesting and a stepping stone for Wanda’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Maximoff has been officially introduced in the MCU as the Scarlet Witch. Agatha was the first person to use the Runes Magic…

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  • MoviesFan Theories About MCU Villains

    10 Interesting Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Are Believable

    There is a never-ending production of MCU fan theories. Thirsty fans are always wanting for more and more plots and possibilities. It isn’t easy to quench their thirst just with a single storyline. Give them one Marvel movie and they will end up producing 20 fan theories and future stories. Some of them are dismissed as improbable while some are…

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  • MoviesMCU Villains Ironic Deaths

    10 MCU Villains Who Had Ironic Deaths Exactly How They Deserved

    MCU has introduced a plethora of sinister characters from Earth and the galaxy in the last 12 years. Some turned out to be spectacularly intimidating and evil while others didn’t leave any impact. Except for “Avengers: Infinity War”, most of the movies saw the villains at the heroes’ hands. In fact, a villain is always defeated by the superhero in…

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    10 MCU Villains Who Lost In The Most Embarrassing Way

    Marvel superheroes can be way more intimidating than the villains in the universe. Some great villains like Thanos and Killmonger were not only powerful but also scary. Their stone-heart and strategic minds had put the heroes through hell. Most of the time, we know, as an audience, that the hero always wins the fight. But we were legit forced to…

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  • MoviesVillains Intentions Understandable

    12 MCU Villains Whose Intentions Were Understandable

    MCU has no shortage of villains since most of their lifetimes are reduced to one movie. Every new release introduces us to a new enemy of the Marvel superhero. Some are purely sinister who enjoy spreading havoc, but some had a reason to turn bad. Everyone is not born evil, the situations in their life turned them so. Who knows,…

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  • MoviesDetails About MCU Villains

    Hidden Details About MCU Villains That Are Mind-Blowing

    Details About MCU Villains: It is always fun to dig the hidden details in MCU movies and write about them. Marvel loves to sneak in elements that only diehard and eagle-eyed fans who have watched the movie about 10 times will notice. In this article, we will be mentioning little features about the evil characters that were not visible in…

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    10 MCU Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

    Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe sound like such a weird but wonderful combination! But it is what we are doing today. There have been numerous supervillains in the Marvel Cinematic universe. A few of them have shown traits and qualities that could be easily used to herd them into a specific House in the Game of Thrones…

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  • MoviesMCU Villains Return in Phase 5

    Multiple MCU Villains You Forgot About Will Return in Phase 5

    MCU Villains Return in Phase 5: Marvel is turning on a new leaf now. The word “New” itself is gonna be very important from here on out. Every Phase 4 movie & series is going to embrace the new, and it doesn’t matter if they will be about older MCU characters. And it’s great that the same goes for Phase…

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  • MoviesMCU Villains Phase 4

    15 MCU Villains Who Are Alive And Could Come in Phase 4

    Many people are concerned that Marvel is going to face a shortage of MCU villains in Phase 4 because there’s no news of new villains in the market but still we have a lot of villains in the timeline of MCU who could make a return and challenge the superheroes. Also, the biggest reason we could see a lot of…

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    10 MCU Villains Who Don’t Look Like They Should

    It’s not easy to adapt a character from the comic books as it needs a lot of perfection in the minor details of the character. Before finalizing a character, the makers have to decide whether they want to follow the complete look of the character into the movie or they’re going to change it a little bit because sometimes it’s…

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    9 Marvel Villains We Hope Appear in the MCU and 9 Villains We Hope Never Do!!!

    Is Marvel all about the heroes? Is Marvel only a world where the good guys take the spotlight? No, of course not!!! A good hero needs an even better villain just like a light needs a shadow. One is utterly incomplete without the other. Heroics and Villainy are like the two halves of an equation that will keep going on…

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