10 MCU Villains Who Had Ironic Deaths Exactly How They Deserved

MCU has introduced a plethora of sinister characters from Earth and the galaxy in the last 12 years. Some turned out to be spectacularly intimidating and evil while others didn’t leave any impact. Except for “Avengers: Infinity War”, most of the movies saw the villains at the heroes’ hands. In fact, a villain is always defeated by the superhero in the majority of movies. But some defeats were too awesome. They weren’t just defeated but given a taste of their own medicine. MCU climax always reinstates our faith in Karma. Without further ado, let us talk about the 10 MCU villains who had ironic death exactly how they deserved it. Tell us which victory made you the happiest.

 1. Ultron

Ultron was an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark to protect the earth. But as he got his conscience, he turned into an evil and created an army of his copies to end mankind. He decided to lift Sokovia and crash it back on earth like an asteroid. Ultron always said,” Everyone creates the thing they dread.” Ironically, he was also killed by the AI he created, Vision.

 2. Yon-Rogg

Captain Marvel Sequel Avengers: Endgame

Yon-Rogg was the evil commander of the Kree Starforce who played a primary role in attacking Carol Danvers which led to her absorption of powers. He was also responsible for kidnapping her and manipulating her to fight against the Skrull who turned out to be the real victims. When Carol learnt about her past and how the Kree placed a chip in her neck to restrain her powers, all hell broke loose. Aware of her powers, Yon-Rogg challenged her for combat without using powers. Carol could have destroyed him in seconds but she didn’t want it to be easy for him. She did something worse by sending him back to his home planet, Hala to deliver the message to the Supreme Intelligence that Captain Marvel was coming for the Kree Empire. Hope he doesn’t get kicked into an abyss. If you know, you know.

 3. Obadiah Stane

Obadiah pretended to be a friend of Howard Stark and father-figure to Tony years before revealing his colors in Iron Man film. He stole Tony’s arc reactor and created his own armor suit called Iron Monger. As he became the Iron Monger and misused it to off Tony, Pepper overloaded the very the thing he sourced power from. She overloaded the large Arc Reactor inside Stane’s suit which blasted him off unceremoniously.

 4. Darren Cross

After Red Skull, it’s probably Darren Cross aka Yellow Jacket whose fate sounds really sad and depressing. He hacked into the Pym Particles formula and decided to sell it to Hydra. He also created the Yellowjacket suit so he could shrink and get away with evil things. Ant-Man not only removed the formula but also destructed the Yellowjacket suit. Darren Cross’s armor began to shrink for eternity with him inside it due to the glitch.

 5. Ego the Living Planet

MCU Villains Ironic Deaths
MCU Villains Ironic Deaths

Ego the Living Planet was Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s celestial father. He procreated countless children on various planets to carry out his diabolical plan to expand his realm. He tried to deceit Quill by playing out the good long-lost father who wanted to make things right. But it was later revealed that it was Ego who implanter the tumor in the brain of Peter’s mother. Finally, Peter and his team of Guardians of the Galaxy destroyed Ego the same way he killed Peter’s mother, by planting a bomb in his brain at the core of the planet.

 6. Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos was a Mad Titan who enjoyed inflicting death and pain. He took the sole responsibility to preserve the resources of the world by cutting down the population on every planet and universe. He went through hell and evil plans to conquer the six Infinity Stones in order to wipe out the population. He did manage to wipe out humanity but in Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man sacrificed his life to snap away Thanos and his army the way he snapped away other innocents.

 7. Red Skull

MCU Marvel Comics

Red Skull was a power-hungry leader of Hydra who used cheat and deceit to get what he wanted. At first, he stole the first formula of Super Soldier Serum which ended up destroying his face. He obtained the Tesseract which contained the Space Stone to create an army and destroy the United States. But he faced something worse than death as he came in contact with Space Stone. He shot him out to Vormir where he had to spend an eternity protecting the Soul Stone. He was the sole ruler of that planet and very close to power, but it was of no use to him anymore.

 8. Ronan the Accuser

Ronan was a Kree Warlord who wanted to use the Power Stone to destroy the entire planet of Xander along with its inhabitants. Just when he was feeling victorious after grabbing the Infinity Stone, Star-Lord managed to distract him easily with his silly dance moves. That’s when the Rockets knocked off the Stone from Ronan’s hammer. Star-Lord and the Guardians grabbed the Power Stone and wiped out Ronan with an explosion. In the end, Ronan got a taste of his own medicine.

 9. Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer was a talented businessman and one of the biggest competitors of Stark Industries. But instead of focusing on his path, he got obsessed with bringing down Tony Stark. He paid a convict, Ivan Vanko to create drones to destroy Iron Man’s venture. But the plan backfired when Vanko double-crossed Justin and hacked into his systems. It led to widespread destruction, risking several lives. In the end, he was nabbed and sentenced to Seagate Penitentiary.

 10. Trevor Slattery

MCU Villains Ironic Deaths
MCU Villains Ironic Deaths

Slattery was a jobless actor who spent his days drowning in alcohol. He agreed to be the face of the fatal explosions as the Mandarin and cover-up for Aldrich Killian’s action in exchange for money. Slattery didn’t care about what he was supporting as long as it got him money. At the end, when his show was up after Tony Stark caught him, Trevor ended up in the prison. Later, Marvel One-shots showed a worse fate for Trevor. He was abducted by some thugs who worked under the real Mandarin. Turns out that the real Mandarin wasn’t happy with Trevor’s action and decided to punish him himself.

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