10 Easter-Eggs In Movies That Were Added At The Last Minute

Easter-eggs, no matter how small they are, have to be well-planned in advance. They are usually hidden in such a way that only eagle-eyed viewers or loyal fans who watch it 100 times are able to spot it. Regardless of how much they contribute to the plot, these details are made with the idea of fun. Even though they are missed by a majority of the audience, they end up becoming the most discussed element in the film. However, the following Easter eggs in movies, whether noticed or not by you, were added in the last hour.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Marvel

Howard the Duck is one of the beloved Marvel characters who keep popping up in the MCU with his cameos. His surprising emergence from the portal in the “Endgame” was added after the filming was over. Jo Russo was watching the scene when he suddenly thought how awesome it would look to bring Howard the Duck from one of the portals.


Randall Park played the marine biologist and conspiracy theorist Stephen Shin who also exists in the DC comic books. Even though he had a short appearance in the mid-credits of “Aquaman”, his part was a big-time Easter egg for the sequel. The actors were done with the filming and the VFX team had started with their part when James Wan decided to sneak in this teaser. He called for reshoots where Randall’s Shin saves Black Manta and offers help in exchange of obtaining information on Atlanta.

The Avengers

The famous and most hilarious post-credit scene in the MCU was a last-minute product. We are talking about none other than the Shawarma scene at the end of “The Avengers”. In fact, it was so last minute that the actors had to film it on the day of the premiere. It follows the scene where an exhausted Tony Stark expresses his Shawarma craving (also ad-libbed by RDJ).

Casino Royale

Founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson got a chance to appear in a Bond film for lending his plane. Yay! During the productions in Prague, the director needed to show an aircraft but couldn’t afford it due to budget constraints. The urgency compelled him to approach Branson and ask if they could borrow one of his aircrafts for a scene. Branson agreed to lend it in exchange of getting a cameo.

Taxi Driver

Easter-Eggs In Movies

Legendary director Martin Scorsese made two cameos in his classic hit “Taxi Driver”. However, he wasn’t supposed to play the second cameo and was only being an understudy to the actor originally cast for it. Scorsese appeared as the passenger on Robert De Niro’s cab who planning to kill his estranged wife.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

The post-credits of the incredible film treat us with Chris Pine’s Peter Parker singing “Spidey-Bells”. This clip was loved by everyone so much that Sony ended up releasing a version for some of the other actors as well. But the producers came up with this idea after the production was already completed and they were checking out the music tracks for the movie. So, they called Chris Pine and offered the impromptu idea to sing.

Deadpool 2

Easter-Eggs In Movies

Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was seen exploring the famous X-Mansion in a t-shirt with images of two cats named Olivia and Meredith. Turns out that these cats belonged to none other than the pop princess, Taylor Swift. It was Ryan’s idea to put these cats on his t-shirt but the Fox’ legal team needed a written consent from Taylor Swift first. That wasn’t so difficult given how close his wife, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are. The singer happily let them feature her cats. After all, even Taylor added their daughter’s voice in one of her songs.


Stan Lee X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The great Stan Lee made his cameo in a Marvel film long before MCU happened to him. He was approached by Bryan Singer for his hot dog vendor cameo in the 2000 film. Lee had agreed to it, only to ditch them in the last moment. In spite of Lee’s excuses, the obstinate Bryan Singer made it possible by turning the world around. When the Marvel hero said that he couldn’t travel to Canada to film the cameo, exec producer Tom DeSanto carried the set to Malibu for his convenience.

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Easter-Eggs In Movies

“Ralph Breaks The Internet” post-credit scene pranks you with a Rick Roll where Ralph actually breaks the internet and re-enacts Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. It was a last-minute idea after the animated film was already made and recorded. But the pro-active John C. Reilly who voices Ralph rushed from his vacation to record this scene and then returned to his trip.

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