22 Amazing Details We Spotted In What If Episode 8 That You May Have Missed

The latest episode, episode 8 of the Disney Plus series What If…? has to be the highlight of the series. It entirely changed the narrative or the way we were looking at the show. It broke many rules that seemed to be the structure or the way the show was going to navigate. At the same time, the show was also able to explore a lot more details and give us an insight into so much more than we had seen in the episodes so far. What seemed to be an anthology of stories is now a complete story of alternating narratives. We can’t wait to explore all the major stories hidden between the lines of the series. Let’s take a look at all the amazing details we spotted in What If Episode 8.

Post-Apocalyptic World

The opening of the episode shows us the Earth in a post-apocalyptic style that is reminiscent of various other movies. Even though here it majorly resembles the world from Terminator after Skynet had taken over (more on that later).


Hawkeye is Ronin

Hawkeye’s appearance is quite similar to Ronin which we got to see in Avengers: Endgame. This could be due to the fact that he lost his family along with the rest of mankind during the Nuclear attack.

Clinton Francis Barton

It’s funny that Clint Barton’s full name is Clinton Francis Barton. Francis is the family name, after Clint’s “mee-maw.” As for Natasha Romanoff, her full Russian name is Natalia Alianovna Romanoff.


Robotic Arm

Hawkeye seems to have a robotic arm in the episode which could be a nod to the idea that he was injured in his arm instead of his stomach during the invasion of the Hydra base. This could very well be the reason the alternate events got initiated.


A Simpler Solution

Ultron was able to kill Thanos by cutting him into two halves using the Mind Stone. Makes us wonder why Vision didn’t think of it. The Infinity Saga could have ended much easily.

Skynet Reference

Details We Spotted In What If Episode 8

As all the planets in the universe were being taken over by Ultron it did seem to be like how Skynet was taking over the Earth in the Terminator movies and Captain Marvel makes sure to give a nod to that.


Red Guardian Shield

Black Widow picks the Red Guardian Shield while looking for the Zola file at the KGB archives. She even uses it during her fight with the Ultron robots. This could mean that she felt as if she had inherited the Shield from the Red Guardian.

KGB Archives

The KGB archives look like the archives we got to see in the Indiana Jones films and Hawkeye gives a clear nod to that.


Zola Still Alive

It is shown that Zola still exists in one of the bases of Hydra and this could mean that he still survived in the MCU if there is still some Hydra base leftover. In fact, he was actually in control of Red Guardian’s Russian Super Soldier program as well. 

Undead Appearance

The Ultron bots have the most daunting movements ever and this looks like they are the zombies from the zombie apocalypse episode of the series.


Iron Man’s Nightmare

Age of Ultron had given us a look at a nightmare that Iron Man has and this nightmare was clearly realized in the episode as we get to see the fallen heroes along with the damaged Shield and the Hammer.

Hawkeye’s Arrows

Details We Spotted In What If Episode 8

The trailer for the Hawkeye series was talking about some of the titular character’s strongest arrows and this episode gave us two of those in Hawkeye’s dying moments. 


Hawkeye’s Sacrifice

Hawkeye’s sacrifice in the episode mirrors the sacrifice that Black Widow makes in Avengers: Endgame except for this time the roles are reversed.

The Tomorrow War

Hawkeye sacrifices himself like a hero and this resembles some of the major sacrifices we have seen in movies over the years like I am Legend, Tomorrow War, and Ripley’s sacrifice in Aliens 3.


Development of The Watcher

The Watcher’s character evolves a lot more in this episode than ever before and we get to see him actually interfere for fear of the fate of the Multiverse.

A Nod To Galactus

We see Ultron consuming a galaxy and this clearly reminds us of Galactus. This goes to show the levels to which Ultron’s capabilities have reached.


President Rogers

In an alternate universe, we get to see Steve Rogers taking the oath for the presidency in the background. While this does look promising, we sure hope we get to see more of this world in a future episode.


As Ultron punches the Watcher we see them transition to an alternate universe. We get to see the entire normal world turn into a Wakandan version and the people even become Wakandan which could be a hint to a universe where Wakanda has taken over the world.


Medieval Times

In a similar situation as before, another blow when landed upon The Watcher shows us Medieval times for the world. This could also hint at the Marvel Knights world where we get to see the Medieval version of the superheroes.

Secret Invasion!!!

Details We Spotted In What If Episode 8

Another blow shows us all the people turn into Skrulls and this clearly could be their own planet or this could be after the events of a successful Secret Invasion.


Doctor Strange Will Bring The Avengers Together

The Watcher goes to the evil Doctor Strange aka Strange Supreme to ask for help and there’s a chance that this rendition of Strange might also help bring the heroes together to fight against Ultron. These heroes could be Captain Carter, Black Widow, Star-Lord (T’Challa), Black Panther (Killmonger), Party Thor, Thanos Armor Gamora, and they’d be led by The Watcher and Strange Supreme. Oh, and yes, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man could show up as well.

Multiverse Energy Blast

As Ultron and Uatu fight we see energy blasts and weirdly they do seem similar to the energy blasts we got to see in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse when characters were coming in and out of the portals.

So these were all the surprising details we spotted in What If episode 8. Did you catch some others?

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