New Avengers 4 Promo Art Reveals Major Changes To Captain America’s Costume

After Infinity War shocked us with the most thrilling ending in a Superhero movie ever, Avengers 4 is going to completely blow us away bringing in the rest of the who are still alive along with some new ones. The team will be led by Captain America for now while a new leader in the face of Captain Marvel will be set up for Phase 4.

Theories around Avengers 4 are way more in number than they were at the time of Avengers: Infinity War. After watching Infinity War, people actually don’t have much of an idea as to what exactly will happen in the upcoming grand finale event of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Knowing details about the plot is a matter very far away, as we don’t even know what this movie will actually be called.

The only things we do know are the characters that are going to have major roles in the film. The first concept art of the leftover Avengers just got leaked a while ago, and people went crazy with the new looks that so many of these heroes got. War Machine got anew armor, Hulk got a new body suit, Captain Marvel’s suit got revealed, Hawkeye’s look as Ronin got revealed, Black Widow’s new hairstyle was apparent and most of all, we finally got to see the classical suit of Captain America.

Just yesterday, some promo arts for Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 got tweeted by Aj Designs which focussed on Captain Marvel, young Nick Fury with two eyes, Hawkeye as Ronin, Hulk’s suit and a closer look at Hulk’s bodysuit. Well, today we have got some more concept arts revealed for Avengers 4 that give us a closer and more defined look at the characters from Avengers 4, and the leaked art also focuses on the changes that look apparent in the new suit of Captain America.

The earlier concept art that leaked was not as clear as these new leaks are. We can see major details of the suits of all these characters that can be seen here. As we can see, Steve Rogers will get rid of the beard that he was recently rocking, and he will now go back to being Captain America after having his run as Nomad.

Hopefully, Marvel reveals the official posters of the upcoming movie real soon. People will surely be having their eyes set on the new suit of Captain America as after wearing the old battered version of his suit from Civil War in Infinity War, Cap is going to finally get the classical version of his suit in the comics with a sort of feathered chest piece.

Well, we have seen through set photos that Cap will surely be donning his suit from the first Avengers movie in Avengers 4, so we could assume that he will be getting a new version of his suit as well. What we can see apparent in the set photos and these promo arts is that Cap is no longer wearing his signature helmet. The big question that arises after seeing the helmet in absent in Infinity War is that has Cap completely ditched the piece of gear or will he be putting that on again as he reclaims the title of Captain America.

One of the most surprising aspects of these leaked concept arts is seeing a brand new costume for the Green Goliath! This got everyone thinking about the fact that we may actually get to see the infamous Professor Hulk in Avengers 4 as this may very well be his last appearance for a while in the MCU. Seeing the Hulk much leaner and in the costume made people think that Banner finally has control of The Hulk, and can use his intellect to control the big guy. But a new Theory by CBR actually suggests that all this may actually be for something else.

Avengers 4 Captain America Costume

We have seen in the set photos that Tony has been sporting a costume of SHIELD. It has been suggested that he is now the new leader of SHIELD after the demise of Nick Fury as the movie takes a little while after the effects of Infinity War. Also in those set photos, we see that Mark Ruffalo is wearing the Motion Capture suit as well. So it may very well be possible that he would have figured things out with the Hulk, got control of his mind and is now willingly a part of SHIELD. That is why he has the new suit that signified that the Hulk is also an Agent of SHIELD working beside Tony Stark.

This would be amazing to witness, looking at the Hulk fully in control and in his prime! Well, all this will be confirmed when Avengers 4 comes out on May 4, 2019.

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