Here’s What You Need To Know About Thor’s New Battle Ax Jarnbjorn

If you make a list of the most powerful weapons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the things that would almost always make the list are the Infinity Stones, the Iron Man suit, Captain America’s Shield and Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir. While the rest of them are not the subject of discussion here, the latter most certainly is. Thor’s Mighty Hammer was the battle weapon forged by Asgardian dwarves in the heart of a dying star. The weapon was ordered to be built by Odin for his son Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor has wielded it and defeated several foes, both Godlike and unnatural that have threatened the peace and sanctity of the nine realms. For a long time, Thor considered himself the God of Thunder only because of his hammer.  According to him, it was Mjolnir that summoned the lightning, not him.

Yeah, this piece of absolute beauty was that powerful.

Warning: The following article contains Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok and might contain Possible Potential spoilers for Infinity War. Enter at your own risk….

In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela, the eldest of Odin’s Children and Sister comes to Asgard after Odin passes away. Without the Odin Force keeping her away from Asgard, Hela returns with a vengeance to claim her birthright that is the Asgardian Throne. But she has one teeny, tiny problem – Thor. But he is no match for Hela, the Goddess of Death. When the God of Thunder tries to dispatch his sister with his Hammer, Hela catches it with a single hand and crushes it with her bare hands. The Mighty Mjolnir, Hammer of Thunder is reduced to bits and pieces of useless junk in one swift move.

But Thor does defeat Hela later on. Without the Hammer limiting his powers, Thor’s abilities manifest unabated. He can now summon and control Godly Lightning without using his hammer. With the aid of Loki, the Hulk, Valkyrie and (albeit indirectly) Surtur, Hela is defeated and the people of Asgard are safe again. He is now without a hammer when he faces Thanos in Infinity War next. But rest assured his hands won’t stay unarmed for long. With the threat of the Mad Titan looming over the Horizon, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are about to team up to save all of creation.

Since we already know that Thor is about to wield the mythical Jarnbjorn War Ax in Infinity War next, it is safe to say that he won’t stay unarmed for long. It was only via leaked promotional images that we realized the Battle Ax is about to be featured in the MCU. But what exactly is Jarnbjorn? And how did it come into the picture? Fear not for QuirkyByte has got you covered.

JarnBjorn’s origins explained:

Jarnbjorn was the battle ax that Odin wielded during his yesteryears as a drinking, partying Asgardian that spent most of his time on adventures alongside his fellow Vikings in 800 A.D. It was then set aside for him when Odin became a more responsible king. Thor was to wield the Jarnbjorn only when he proved himself worthy enough. The Ax made its official debut in Thor: God of Thunder in 2013. Thor was nicknamed Young Viking Thor in that story arc. The Ax also made an appearance and was pivotal to an arc of Uncanny Avengers. If the hammer is indeed gone, a big badass ax does sound like the next best option.

Thor vs. Apocalypse:

In the comics, Apocalypse is the very first mutant to ever walk the face of the Earth. In 1013 A.D., Apocalypse and Thor fought a deadly battle. But Apocalypse’s Celestial armor was too hard for Jarnbjorn to break. Only when a special incantation was cast on Jarnbjorn that it pierced the armor. Kang later used this enchanted Jarnbjorn technique to kill a Celestial itself. The Celestial Destroyer Exeter then destroyed Earth in retaliation. Earth was later restored to normal but you can see how dangerously powerful Jarnbjorn can be.

The Unworthy Thor:

Thor is no longer the God of Thunder nor does he wield Mjolnir in the comic books. Jane Foster is now the new wielder of Mjolnir in Marvel Comics. So now Thor is again back to using his trusted Battle Ax in his fight against evil as the Unworthy Thor.


In the MCU, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer showed us, Thor, trying to combine two parts of a circular device as a star is burning in the background. Maybe the MCU changed Jarnbjorn’s origins to match that of Mjolnir itself (the latter was also forged in the heart of a dying star). Maybe Thor is using the power of a star to forge another weapon for himself for his upcoming fight with The Mad Titan.

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