Constantine Vs Doctor Strange – Here’s Why Pure Magic Will Triumph Over Dark Magic

Welcome fellow believers. Fellow comic readers, I come to you today with a battle of the ages. We pit the viper against the lion. The pride against wit. Intelligence against cunning. The arcane vs the occult. Have you ever had a dream so bad that you woke up in a cold sweat having no idea how you ended up back in your bed? Well, this is the place those dreams come from. Today we put two Gods of magic against each other. Constantine Vs Doctor Strange. Perhaps one of the most widely contested debate settled today only on quirky byte. Let’s talk about the characters a bit.

Doctor Strange

Constantine Vs Doctor Strange

Steven Strange was a gifted surgeon, perhaps one of the best in the world. People from all over the world would travel to be able to get Steven to take their case. Gifted with photographic memory Doctor Strange had always been unstoppable in the field of academics. Solving one peculiar case after the other and advancing like there was no tomorrow. Until one day a car accident left his golden hands damaged that resulted in the man losing all of his proficiency as a surgeon.

The good Doctor scoured the earth for a cure but what he found was his true calling. In the Himalayas, there is a mystic city named KamarTahj. This place is home to sorcerers. Some say it does not exist on our earthly plane. This is where Doctor Steven Strange met a sorcerer named the ancient one who later became his teacher and forged Strange into the sorcerer supreme.


Doctor Steven Strange is blessed with a photographic memory and an immense knowledge of the arcane. He is also proficient in the mystic art of sorcerers and this provides him with a lot of control over the battlefield. The sorcerer supreme is the master of every magic known to man. He owns it, he controls it and wields it like a God. Although Strange would never hurt an innocent, if you are to step out of line, he never shies always from a lesson. The man holds power over Gods and can call upon them to assist him in battle, this includes the mighty warrior Agamoto who once wielded the time stone as one of its eyes (as per the lore of Marvel cinematic universe).

In the comics, we have seen the sorcerer supreme achieve incredible heights. He has taken over the world and defeated entities that the general populace thought to be utterly omnipotent. When it comes to raw magic power Strange has an edge over any other magician in comics including Constantine. His arcane knowledge makes him just as powerful as the God who’s power he calls upon.

John Constantine

Constantine Vs Doctor Strange

Born into a poor family in the heart of England Constantine was considered to be the child born of a curse by his father. The father of John Constantine blames him for his mother’s death. Constantine’s mother died of natural causes during childbirth. In the Hellblazer title we see John discover this truth slowly as his father finally dies all the while cursing John for killing his wife. As the child grew so did his interest of the occult.

John scoured the internet and the local circles in search of any and all knowledge of the occult. If it had anything to do with demons or the supernatural chances were that a young Constantine had read about it. But the demon world is hidden for a reason. There is a reason why no one goes looking for this knowledge. Constantine was roaming the country with his friends dealing with small demons and minor supernatural occurrences, life was interesting.

He was even happy for a time, everything changed after he lost a little girl to a very powerful demon. During the case, Constantine bore witness to the overwhelming power of the other side as he lost one friend after another. In the end, the group was even unable to save the child. After this incident, John became Grimm and cold. He vowed to always win, always take down the chaos and hold it at bay no matter what the cost.

Constantine is said to be followed by death. Although he has remained elusive of the entity, death takes everyone else away from him. A big issue with the overall character arcs of John in the comics is that he loses almost everyone that sticks by him. Regardless of how cold the magician is his cunning is no joke. Truth be told if John Constantine has enough prep time he can take down Batman. We see the events of injustice year 3 how Constantine outwits both sides for his selfish goals. That is who Constantine truly is. A man with unlimited knowledge and who prepared to do anything, to sacrifice ANYONE to hold the darkness at bay.

It is said that the day John Constantine dies will be the day devil leaves hell. Because if there’s one soul the devil wants to reap himself it’s this one. The magician has outwitted lucifer and the first of the fallen (one of the lords of hell) and the three overlords of hell have threatened to start a war on his soul. He has tricked the first of the fallen more times than he can measure. Constantine has had encounters with God(s). He’s mostly killed or destroyed any supernatural all-powerful entity he’s encountered either by sheer luck or by meticulous planning. The cunning of Constantine is legendary.

Perhaps one of the shrewdest anti-heroes in all of comics, Constantine is the man who will not only laugh while he stares the devil down but also tell him to shove it up his ass, or arse as the British like to say.

John Constantine Vs Doctor Strange: Death Battle

Constantine Vs Doctor Strange

It is pertinent to note that before these two battle it out in a showdown of epic proportions (quite literally) as to what constitutes a win. It is quite clear that neither party is opposed to putting down their opponents for good. This means that the combatants will be open to using lethal force if the situation demands for it. But what determines this match up more than anything else is the setting. It all comes down to the fact when and how do these two engage in battle.

While it is quite clear that Doctor Strange clearly stomps when it comes to raw magic power, Constantine is the last person you should chose to underestimate. The man has taken down God’s before. Sometimes multiple at a time. His cunning and meticulous planning knows no bounds. Constantine is a cockroach and no matter what might come his way he has this unwavering grit to survive. If you’re a magic user and you want to fight John Constantine you must prepare for every possibility you can think of. Because as the devil himself very well knows if there’s a way to undercut you by using sleazy moves, John will do it.

Constantine Vs Doctor Strange

So what truly happens when these two magicians take to the battlefield. Well, the answer is that Doctor Strange wins because of his limitless power and he can win continuous if he chooses to end John Constantine quickly. But give John half a chance and he will string you up and auction you off to the devil, if he’s in a good mood. God forbid you land in his clutches, the man will devour you and then dance on your grave . Beware doctor strange it’s a wolf you face in a sheep’s garb.

Constantine Vs Doctor Strange
Constantine Vs Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange wins 7/10 because of his immense magical power, 2/10 are the situation where Constantine manages to pull a quick one on Strange. And 1/10 is the case where both parties are so critically wounded that there can’t be a clear result. This might the part where one declares a draw, however unlikely.

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