Thor 4 Villain Can Explain MCU’s Biggest Phase Mystery

We are going to see a lot of sequels from the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year. Each of these projects is going to feature some rather massive events that will make significant impacts on the future of the franchise. One of the most exciting projects amongst these is definitely going to be Thor: Love and Thunder. This movie will mark the first time a Marvel hero will get a fourth solo venture. There are a lot of different things that will unfold in this movie and one of the most exciting amongst these is the fact that it will mark the debut of an essential villain. Thor 4 will see Gorr the God Butcher make his first appearance in the franchise with Christian Bale taking on the role. The Thor 4 villain might give some insight into a massive MCU Phase 2 mystery.

Love & Thunder

The Thor films have introduced us to some major characters associated with mythology in the MCU. It won’t be surprising to see some more of these entities making their appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. Following the massive losses faced by Thor, we will get to see him establish the New Asgard. Thus we will see some of the major Asgardian characters return to the franchise since we last saw them before Ragnarok. Another interesting character making an appearance is the leader of the Greek pantheon of gods and the father of Hercules, Zeus. Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe has been cast in this role.


Thor 4 villain

Considering Gorr the God Butcher will be playing a major role in the movie, fans are associating him with Zeus. This would mean that more victims of Gorr might also end up making an appearance as a part of his story. After battling with the likes of Hela and Thanos, we will witness the God of Thunder facing Gorr the God Butcher. According to the comics, Gorr is an alien who took an oath to traverse the galaxy in order to kill the gods of the pantheons. This is actually a significant element of his narrative where the character suffered a lot and decided to make avenge his suffering by killing the gods who didn’t come to his help.


Gorr Could Explain This Mystery From Phase 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 was the first project to introduce us to the outer-worldly things in the MCU. It also gave some insight into some things that ended up becoming quite significant in the future of the franchise. A particular scene showed the Collector giving the Guardians of the Galaxy an idea about the Infinity Stones. During this scene, he gives a brief overview of the Celestials and how they were essential parts of the MCU history. He also mentioned that there is no longer a concern about them in the present day. This was also indicated by the Collector’s base of operations, Knowhere, which was the head of a fallen Celestial.


We finally got to witness these Celestials in Eternals and we found out that they still exist. But it seems that their population might have experienced quite a low. Fans have been wondering about how a major past event could be associated with this. One of these theories suggests that Gorr might be the one who might have managed to lead to this loss in the number of Celestials in the universe. The Celestials are often referred to as “The Space Gods” and this actually fits the criteria that would put them as someone Gorr might wanna kill. He could have used his trademark weapon, the Necrosword to lay his wrath on the Gods.


Thor 4 villain

Bringing this narrative might require a lot to be introduced in the narrative for Thor 4. But this could actually affect the way that the Celestials might end up appearing in the movie. For someone who has managed to kill Celestials, it would be absolutely stupid to see him being defeated by Thor. But MCU could use other means of indicating how the Celestial faced this wrath in the upcoming projects. An interesting means would be to use the weapon and explore its history where we might see some victims involving the Celestials.


Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

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