3 Famous Superhero Movies That Were Never Made

Well, we have grown up reading the Marvel and DC comics. Since the first time when the comic book adaptions hit the big screens, people are crazy about the superhero movies. The top-notch filmography and accurate high-quality CGI effects have brought the superheroes into real lives. They seem to be a dominant force at the box office and look like they are on the way to destroy everything coming in their way. Comic book stories are hitting screens every year now and bringing one hell of superhero ride for the fans. Well, some of the comic book movies just could not get off the ground. We bring you three of the movies that never made it to theaters.

1.Justice League: Mortal


Mad Max director George Miller had quite a heavy budget of $220 million dollars to cast the characters for Justice League team. As Christopher Nolan was working hard for Batman Begins with a parallel plot for Justice League: Mortal was in works. Miller cast a few of the to-be stars but the film was discarded due to some factors before it could start.

2. Batman: Year One by Darren Aronofsky

batman superhero movies

After Christopher Nolan stepped on board for the Batman Begins, Warner Bros. came up with the idea of another Batman movie called Batman: Year One. Darren Aronofsky was hired to direct the film to work on the Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s seminal work. But after two years in development, Warner Bros. scaled down some superhero movies due to the over-saturation of superhero films in the market.

3. Iron Man by Quentin Tarantino

tom-cruise-as-iron-man movies superheroes

2008’s Iron Man boomed the superhero movie trends and was a massive success. 20th Century Fox had a serious discussion with Quentin Tarantino to write and bring out Tony Stark to the big screen. Tom Cruise was set to play the character. That time in 1999, the company had all the rights of Iron Man. Well, Tarantino was already pierced by the poor reception of a 1997’s thriller-drama movie, Jackie Brown. After three years in development, Tarantino turned down the Iron Man movie and the franchise’s right was sold by Fox at the end.

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