Why Hela is Stronger Than Thanos and Could Come Back

Thor Ragnarok is easily one of the best MCU films and the best film in Thor trilogy (soon to be a quadrilogy). And there were many reasons for Ragnarok to be amazing. One of them was a strong villain in Hela. Hela, the Goddess of Death and the daughter of Odin was shown as mighty powerful. Now, we are discussing the possibility of why Hela is stronger than Thanos and could she be back in future MCU projects?

Thanos Had Different Names in Infinity War & Endgame
Thanos was the big bad for MCU till now

Thanos is always perceived as the most powerful villain of MCU. Why wouldn’t he be? It took a massive army of superheroes & intergalactic forces to beat him. In fact, needless to say, he won the 1st battle in Infinity War. He pushed Avengers to gasp for the last breath of strength. Even though our mighty heroes won the final battle, it cost us Iron Man & Black Widow. If Doctor Strange hadn’t teleported the heroes on time, Thanos would have smashed Cap, Thor & Iron Man. One of the most memorable fight scenes involves the one between Cap & the Mad Titan. Fans had almost held their breaths when Thanos demonstrated his full strength. He not only knocked down Cap but also sliced the unbreakable vibranium shield. However, it took Thanos to break some sweat to fight Cap with his sword. And how can we forget when Cap lifted the Mjolnir & smacked down Thanos?

Hela: The Goddess of Death
Hela: The Goddess of Death

But when Thor’s elder sister, Odin’s 1st born was attacked with the Mjolnir, She grabbed it with one hand & destroyed it like it were a pencil. And she wasn’t worthy of wielding the Mjolnir, it was her strength. Mjolnir produced from Uru metal found in Nidavellir star, one of the 9 Realms. So a vibranium shield is nothing compared to the Godly Mjolnir that Hela easily broke. Hela, introduced in Thor: Ragnarok was 1 of the biggest threats Thor had ever faced. Stronger than Loki, Malekith & Ultron, she is the Goddess of Death. She not only destroyed the hammer but sent the God of Thunder away in Space. After losing his greatest weapon, Thor ended up in Sakaar & took a whole movie to defeat Hela.

Captain Marvel Characters
Surtur was Asgard’s Doom

Technically, Thor never defeated Hela nor he ever could. Had Surtur not been resurrected &apparently killed Hela, Thor wouldn’t have won. Thor had higher chances of killing Thanos over Hela. Defeating Hela even cost him Asgard as Surtur destroyed the planet along with his sister. Evidently, Hela, Goddess of Death is the strongest MCU villain.

Asgard was completely destroyed, but we never saw Hela dying

And this is why Hela could be back because we never saw her dead body or had a look at her in her moment of death. Of course, with Asgard destroyed she could’ve been destroyed, but this is the Goddess of death we are talking about. Though she isn’t immortal, she does have a command over the dead and that’s how she could be resurrected. In the comics also, she has been bought back to restore balance to the Universe. Even Cate Blanchett who plays Hela said the following about her return:

There’s always a way back, but I’m sure there’s always a way forward.

“Who know? Sure. I never say no to anything.”

Thor 4 Mighty Thor Infinity War Novel
Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Now, that Avengers have also explored the possibility of time travel, we might see that angle coming in as well to see Hela’s return and explore the history of Asgard in upcoming MCU films. We already know Thor 4: Love and Thunder is happening and for better or worse we could see some shots at Hela, or in other MCU projects.

And in her comics description as well, Hela is described as

She possesses attributes common to Asgardian gods. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability. When wearing her cloak, she is far stronger than the vast majority of her race.


Imagine Hela with a weapon as strong as Stormbreaker or something else, she could easily take down someone. After all, she helped Odin rule over the 9 realms and expanded his kingdom.

So, do you also think Hela is stronger than Thanos? Do let us know in the comments. And do you want her to see her again on the big screen?

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