Marvel Comics Hints At A Star-Lord Vs. Captain Marvel Fight

Marvel Comics has just started getting their horses on the track. After the disastrous Marvel’ Civil War two and Secret War, Marvel Comics’ sale was lower than the number of flees on an Egyptian Sphynx. Marvel did what DC did with DCEU in the Hollywood genre. In a desperate race to compete with DC Comics’ raging comic book sales after DC launched the Rebirth issues, Marvel tried to play catch up with a haphazardly planned and executed Marvel Legacy issues.

The issues were a complete cataclysmic catastrophe for Marvel. In a span of a year, Marvel sold no more than 20,000 copies of its Legacy arc. DC Comics sold that much amount of their Rebirth issues in one day. The movie scene may be inclined and biased for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its superheroes, but the in the comic book world DC Comics still reigns supreme. And they will continue to do so until Marvel realizes it needs a fresher take on things. Recycled plot lines and cliché one shot arcs that have no effect on the collective storyline won’t do.

And looks like they have learned their lesson! The Might Captain Marvel #127 promises a sliver of hope for the Marvel fans. The story has huge potential and could become one of the most defining turning points that could end up keeping the Marvel Comics’ ship afloat.

Captain Marvel is one of the most well known female superheroes of the Marvel Universe. She is even getting her own standalone production under the Disney Banner. The Captain Marvel movie is already in the pipeline and has cast Brie Larson in the titular role.

But before she outshines her other comic book counterparts in the theaters, she has already done something amazing in her own comic book issue. And to add icing on the cake – the issue also introduces one more major character.

A space venturing Black Widow is very much a reality now in Marvel Comics. And she is no more the hero. Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff is as evil as a villain could get in Marvel. And she is AWESOME!!!

But that is not all. In the course of her adventure, Captain Marvel finds herself searching for a missing Kree girl called bean. But without her Alpha Flight resources and in no more possession of a Space Station, Marvel is powerless to help until a lead from her investigations pushes her into a mirror universe. And as she searches frantically for the missing Bean, Carol Danvers encounters Star-Lord (presumably).

The Marvel Legacy arc saw Captain Marvel revisiting her origin storyline. Carol never fit in as a kid with her friends. As she grew older, Carol’s wish to fly led her to the Air Force. After a fight with some renegade Skrulls and encountering some alien tech, Carol Danvers is bestowed with nuclear-based superpowers that make her fly and allow her to control atomic energy for energy blast and concussive force beams. After several years as fighting as a superhero, Carol becomes an Avenger and later, a member of the Alpha Flight team – a team of cosmic superheroes that help protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

At the end of that story arc, Captain Marvel the found herself at odds with a darker version of Alpha Flight. As things went from crazy to super crazy, Captain America revealed himself as a Hydra Agent and Black Panther took over as the new leader of the Good guys. Alpha Flight underwent its very own personal Civil War with various members secretly working for the bad guys.

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And this is where The Mighty Captain Marvel story begins. Marvel’s Legacy Relaunch allows it to revisit their classic, popular superheroes and retell their tales from the very beginning. Captain Marvel’s Legacy Relaunch now moves forward with Dark Origins – the name of her new issue she stars in. The official synopsis for the Dark Origins – Mighty Captain Marvel #127 reads:

Published: December 27, 2017, Rating: Rated T+ Writer: Margaret Stohl Penciler: Michele Bandini Cover Artist: Phil Noto

DARK ORIGIN Part 3! In a distant, bizarre world, you’d think a familiar face would be comforting for CAROL DANVERS…But then again, this PETER QUILL doesn’t seem to be in the friendliest mood! Carol learns the hard way that ZETA FLIGHT may have given her a bad reputation…but how does it even exist?!

So will we see Captain Marvel at odds with Star-Lord in this new mirror universe? What role does Black Widow play? Stay tuned to find out….

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