X-Men Dark Phoenix First Trailer Reactions Are Out And They Claim It’s Stunning

The first trailer reactions for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been officially all gripping the internet by storm. And it is not because the movie is extremely bad as everyone expected it to be. But the reactions have shown the movie in a mostly positive light, something highly unusual when it comes to Fox’s X-Men movies’ track record. X-Men: Dark Phoenix would be the retelling of the award-winning storyline from the Marvel Comics “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and we might finally have a winner here. If the first reactions are any sign, Fox Studios might be on track to one of this year’s greatest blockbusters!!! Presenting X-Men Dark Phoenix first trailer reactions are out and they claim it’s stunning!!!

The Fox Studios kick-started the Superhero genre with the X-Men movies. 18 years ago, the first X-Men movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Famke Jensen as Jean Grey and Patrick Stewart as Professor X hit the theaters and the dying superhero fiction within Hollywood was given a shot in the arm. The ensuing X-Men movies defined the Superhero genre and made way for other superhero movies that became a huge aspect of sweet nostalgia for the millennial generation like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman and the Fantastic Four. Had it not been for Fox Studios, we might never have got the chance to see the MCU and the DCEU in action.

The Fox-Verse was essentially an inspiration for the 21st-century superhero explosion in Hollywood. While the X-Men movies started waning in popularity courtesy of poor casting and poorer storylines, Fox still kept faith in their Fox-Verse movies until they finally managed to polish a gem out of that coal mine in the form of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The Fox-Verse might be coming to an end with the Disney-Fox merger rumored to be happening anytime now. So Fox intends to leave Hollywood on a high note, with their last superhero movie based on the X-Men becoming a smashing success both critically and financially. If the trailer reactions are any indication, they are on the right track. Disney might be getting the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four soon now, but as long as Fox is still in the game, they are poised to make the most out of it. The next X-Men movie will feature rebooted X-Men cast members unrelated to the original X-Men trilogy of the 2000’s, born out of the incredibly awesome X-Men: First Class movie.

Fox Studios’ Panel at CineEurope chose some lucky fans to show them their first glimpses of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie. It looks like the trailer has received a warm welcome by the comic book fans. Kinometro claims the X-Men: Dark Phoenix footage shown at the Expo was a ‘fantastic action-thriller’. And goes over to add that the movie looks’ better than expected’. The Panel also showed the fans footage from the upcoming New Mutants movie and that too was received positively.

This is just a singular point of view by a very small section of fans. The trailer reviews for X-Men: Dark Phoenix hasn’t been officially released yet. But if this piece of news is any sign, the latest X-Men movie looks to be moving in the right direction. Fox Studios pushed X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s release date from November 2018 to February 2019, thus pushing their future X-Men spinoff ventures like New Mutants and Gambit even further. The reason for the release dates being pushed as explained by Fox Studios is reshoots. Hopefully, the footage from the CineEurope Fox Panel hasn’t faced the editing knife and will stay unchanged. The Studio claims Dark Phoenix will be an intergalactic space opera but it will also be a grounded and down to Earth, live-action retelling of the Dark Phoenix saga. Let us hope Fox is right on this one.

The trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix hasn’t been officially released online yet. The release date for the movie is 14 February 2019. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Mystique, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men spring into action when a malevolent, power-hungry force threatens to overtake Jean Grey’s mind.

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