Avengers: Endgame – How Thor’s Mother Knew That He Was From The Future

How Thor’s Mother Knew That He Was From The Future?

Avengers: Endgame wasn’t so great because of its amazing final battle. It was great because of how it made us feel emotionally with its character beats and moments of closure. It was supposed to be an ending, a finale that satisfies us for having invested a decade into the MCU. And that’s what it did. It gave proper story arcs and endings to the OG Avengers, and it managed to set up the futures of all others. Most importantly, it gave closure to the big three Avengers – Thor, Iron Man & Captain America.

Tony got to meet his father while Steve got to live his the rest of his time with the love of his life. But, Thor got to see his mother in a moment when he desperately needed her. The last 5 years hadn’t been great for him. He lost his father, his realm, 3/4th of his people, and couldn’t stop the rest of the universe from losing half of all living beings. He turned out to be a total failure, and that made him lose hope. Rocket gave him a good pep talk and tried to motivate him, but it wasn’t enough. He needed a hug and a shoulder to cry on, and that’s what he got from his mom.

Queen Frigga spotted him snooping around the palace, and she was easily able to figure out that this particular Thor was not from her time. He was from the future. Even though Thor denied the reality at first, she convinced him that she had figured out the truth. It was a great moment when Thor hugged her and was able to seek council from her. This is what put him back on the right track, and he returned to 2023 with new found hope. He was even ready to snap his fingers bring everyone back. And ultimately, he was ready to kill Thanos properly this time.

But have you ever wondered how Lady Frigga was able to figure out that Thor was from 10 years in the future? All she said as an answer to this question was that she was raised by witches, and could see with more than just her eyes. Well, Marvel placed the answer to this question in Doctor Strange & Thor: Ragnarok. Screen Rant gave us a great explanation while they tried to answer the conundrum. They wrote:

“As revealed in Doctor Strange, sorcerers are able to look into the future as the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) did. This is the reason why she knew that Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is destined to be the best Sorcerer Supreme as early as 2012, years before the neurosurgeon’s accident. This ability was in full display in Infinity War when Doctor Strange looked into what lies ahead with their impending fight against Thanos. Since Frigga was raised by witches as she told Thor, chances are that she knew that they have this specific ability, leading to the belief that that time traveling is also entirely possible. In addition, this could explain why Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was also aware of this as he mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok; he always had a closer relationship with his adoptive mother and it’s possible that he learned about the idea from Frigga.”

Back in Ragnarok, Loki said that he couldn’t see the future as he wasn’t a witch. But apparently his mother could. So, there’s a chance that she was actually a witch herself, and Thor is only half Asgardian. She taught Loki the art of Sorcery, but she was wiser, and even more proficient at the mystic arts. What she may have implied by “raised by witches” was that she herself was a witch.

Well, she wasn’t just able to see Thor’s future, but she was also able to set up his future arc. Right before Thor left 2013, she said, “Eat a salad.” And now, we’re going to see him back in shape as Bro Thor/Fat Thor will not be coming back in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Let’s see what all the future holds for Thor. Thor: Love and Thunder arrives on February 12, 2022.

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