Why Doctor Strange Did Not Make Thanos Forget About The Snap

We all love Doctor Strange. He is among the most overpowered characters in MCU. The yet to be Sorcerer Supreme put his skills on full display in Spider-Man: No Way Home when Peter asked for his help amidst a personal crisis. Doctor Strange thought it is best to use a very powerful spell to make people forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. But now we wanna know why Doctor Strange did not make Thanos forget about the snap itself.


The “Runes of Kof Kal” is a crazy spell that muddies the border between the known and the unknown universe. So it came as no surprise to anyone that tampering with such a spell while it was being cast led to a disaster. However stupid this decision might have been, it led to a very interesting movie. In the climax of the film, Strange had to cast the spell again to save his own universe from the multiversal invaders. But the fans still have a very big question about this spell.


If it can make anyone forget anything, then why did Strange not use it on Thanos? Surely making the Mad Titan forget about his plan would have helped in stopping his plan. He wanted to reduce half of all living populations throughout the universe. So, he could have forgotten about it. Moreover, it would have also solved the need to protect the infinity stones. Their existence would have been worth nothing to the Mad Titan without his plan. He wanted to bring balance to the universe. He was mighty because he had a very strong motivation. If all Strange had to do to make that motivation go away was cast a spell, then why did he not do exactly that?


Even though this seems like a question with no specific answer, there are actually several explanations for it. One simple explanation could be that Strange did not know how to cast that spell at that point in time. Since No Way Home Takes place 8-9 months after Endgame, there is a very high chance that the magician learnt the spell during this time. He showed us an easy way to deal with Loki. So maybe he practised a spell to easily counter another Thanos like situation in the future. It would also explain the Full moon party that he mentioned in No way Home.


It would be viable for the sorcerers to party after they had defeated the Mad Titan. But maybe that party went too wild, and since Strange had learnt a new spell, he had to absolutely make everyone forget about it. We might be stretching the argument here. But it does sound to be the most reasonable explanation. However, the way Strange said that he once used the spell on Wong and other mages, it seemed as if he knew the spell from long before Infinity War. So, we’ve got to talk about a second reason. This explanation suggests that Strange deliberately did not use this spell or any other.


Doctor Strange saw more than 14 million futures and the Avengers only won in one. Basically, this explanation says that using the spell would have led to the Avengers’ defeat. Maybe in his searching and navigation of the futures, Strange found Timelines where he did use the spell and the Avengers still lost. It is probable that even if the Mad Titan forgot about his motivations, it would still not make anyone safe from his wrath.


Why Doctor Strange did not make Thanos forget about the Snap

If the Mad Titan were to lose his primary motivation to balance the universe, he may have gained a new goal of destruction. Much like his comic counterpart, this would have made him even more dangerous. He would have become a loose cannon, leading us to a darker reality where everything is decimated. Why?? Because a magician thought it would be a good idea to take away the only thing that made a tyrant a little bearable. To take away his “humanity” is to doom the universe to a fate far worse than Infinity War. So, he couldn’t have made him forget.


And besides, the snap also had to happen because if Strange would have stopped it, then the Emergence would have destroyed Earth. Maybe Strange had also seen that in his future outcomes. The people of Earth fighting to bring everyone back is what changed the Ajaks. It is what probably changed the mind of Tiamut as he helped Sersi in his own killing. So, Strange just could not have made Thanos forget about it.

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