10 Interesting Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Are Believable

There is a never-ending production of MCU fan theories. Thirsty fans are always wanting for more and more plots and possibilities. It isn’t easy to quench their thirst just with a single storyline. Give them one Marvel movie and they will end up producing 20 fan theories and future stories. Some of them are dismissed as improbable while some are highly convincing. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to guess future plots and delve into their possibilities. Here are 10 interesting fan theories about MCU villains that are believable.

 1. How Hela Destroyed Mjolnir

Fan Theories About MCU Villains

Most of us were shocked by Hela’s ability to not only catch Thor’s Mjolnir but also destroy it. After all, Odin’s spell only allowed someone worthy of wielding the hammer. Evidently, Hela was not worthy of it, nor could she have been so powerful to wield it. Some fans have guessed that Odin’s death lifted up the spell on the Mjolnir just like it nullified the spell that confined Hela.

 2. Thanos and Steve

If Thanos could beat down Hulk so quickly, how did Steve Rogers hold him back for so long? When it comes to strength, Hulk is obviously way stronger than Cap, yet we witness different things in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Fans have suggested a plausible argument for it. Both Steve Rogers and Thanos were in contact with the Gauntlet. The Infinity Gauntlet and stones get activated by the will of the being in contact with it. Since Captain America’s will was naturally higher than that of Thanos, he was somehow canceling out the Mad Titan’s command over the stones.

 3. Star-Lord Punching Thanos

A lot of us were strongly infuriated at the beloved Star-Lord for losing his sh*t on Thanos. If Peter Quill hadn’t punched Thanos, it would have been possible for the Avengers to take the Gauntlet from the trippy Mad Titan. But what after that? None of them held enough powers to destroy the stones. As long as the stones still existed in the universe, the Infinity War between heroes and Thanos would have continued for ages. They had to be destroyed by Thanos so no one else would try to use it for an evil purpose again.

 4. Ultron and Wanda

Fan Theories About MCU Villains

Ultron was a cynical and cold android who ended up gaining his conscience and planned to destroy mankind. He created various copies of himself and decided to lift Sokovia only to throw it back on Earth like an asteroid. He was a sinister being who cared about nothing and nobody, except Wanda. It was pretty shocking to see Ultron who was near his death and defeat asking Wanda to leave the country for her safety. Wanda crushing his heart was a literal manifestation of his heartbreak. Later, Vision, who was somehow the good version and offspring of Ultron also ended up falling in love with Wanda.

 5. Loki and Thanos

Loki, the god of mischief, has always fooled us with his tricks and fake deaths. He has died in Thor: The Dark World only to return again in disguise. In Avengers: Infinity War, we saw how Thanos caught Loki as he attempted to attack him with the Scepter and choked him to death. Even though Thanos said that Loki had really died and won’t return this time, fans like to think otherwise. Loki is right-handed but his fake versions are left-handed. He was wielding the dagger with his left hand in “Thor: Dark World”. Similarly, Loki was holding the Scepter with his left hand when he attempted to strike Thanos.

 6. Doctor Strange and Thanos

As mentioned before, Thanos was destined to win the Infinity War. When Doctor Strange saw millions of possibilities, he understood that the Infinity Stones had to be destroyed in the future so as to put a final end to the quest for them. Only Thanos was powerful enough to destroy them. And the Mad Titan would only do that after fulfilling his purpose and aim. Even if the heroes had won the Infinity War that day, they couldn’t have stopped Thanos from attacking them again. Therefore, Strange let him have his victory and eventually destroy the stones so the Avengers would travel back in time and undo the snap. As the stones get delivered to their original timeline by Captain America, they will get destroyed as per their destiny.

 7. Hela and Frigga

Some theories suggest that Hela wasn’t Frigga’s daughter. She was born during Odin’s dark days when he was a power-hungry dictator on a quest to conquer all the Nine Realms. Hela being the Goddess of Death also suggests that she was Odin and Lady Death’s child.

 8. Red Skull’s Deformation

Both Red Skull and Captain America were injected with the Super Soldier Serum. But one becomes powerful while the other became … well… uh.. Red Skull. There could be two reasons for it according to fans. Some suggest that the Penicillin that Erskine injects in Steve Rogers subdued the bacteria in his body and prevented it from getting enhanced by the Super Soldier Formula. Whereas, Red Skull didn’t get a Penicillin shot and all his human abilities, as well as the bacteria in his body, got super charged.

Fan Theories About MCU Villains
Fan Theories About MCU Villains

Another theory suggests that Erskine used the heartshaped herb in the Formula for Captain America. Howard Stark may have taken some of the herbs from Wakanda while obtaining the Vibranium from them. After all, everyone who tried to become like Cap with the Super Soldier Serum failed miserably except Black Panther. He is the only one with powers close to Captain America.

 9. How Thanos Beat Hulk

Avengers: Infinity War Much Stronger Film than Avengers: Endgame

Thanos may have been stronger than Hulk but he surely wasn’t that powerful to defeat him in seconds. Several fans especially the comic book readers were surprised with how Hulk’s strengths were undermined to a degree that he was overpowered so quickly. However, if you watch carefully, it wasn’t a matter of strength but a matter of clever and strategic thinking. Thanos attacked Hulk on the neck and then on the kidneys. It not only disrupted the flow of oxygen to his brain but also left him temporarily paralyzed.

 10. Collector and the Tesseract

Fan Theories About MCU Villains
Fan Theories About MCU Villains

A lot of us, including Star-Lord, had doubts over Asgard’s decision to send the Tesseract to the Collector, one of the first entities of the universe. After all, a collector like Tivan wouldn’t stop at obtaining one of the six Infinity Stones. Thor calling himself a genius for giving the Reality Stone to Tivan indicates that he wanted the Collector to look for other stones. After all, it was his interference in “Guardians of the Galaxy” that prevented the Orb from reaching Ronan and ultimately landing in Thanos’ hands.

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