Marvel Has Fixed The Stark Tower Error in Hawkeye

Hawkeye was one of the most exciting projects that came from the variety of shows from Marvel that we got to see last year. Considering it was one of the most grounded show’s canon to the MCU, it referenced a lot of events. This allowed us to gain some perspective towards what might have happened in the MCU following the events of Endgame. Considering Hawkeye is one of the original Avengers, he himself contributes significantly towards the narrative of giving way to past stories. But the very first episode of the series actually featured a major mistake that fans had pointed. It seems that Marvel has since corrected the Stark Tower error in Hawkeye that created a plot hole. Really, this is the benefit Marvel enjoys with Disney+.


The very first episode from the Dinsey+ series Hawkeye had one of the biggest references to an MCU event. Here we got to see the very first thing that actually makes a link between Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. The events take place during the New York Battle from The Avengers. Kate is about to be attacked by one of the Chitauri soldiers when an arrow from Hawkeye stops them. This actually ends up being the motivating factor for Kate to take archery in a very serious manner. But this referential scene actually had a lot of mistakes when it comes to the events of the New York battle.


Stark Tower Error in Hawkeye

The scene was riddled with mistakes and fans were quick to point out these issues. A significant problem was the timeline of the events that unfold but don’t match with the events of The Avengers. When the attack first starts to show some indication Kate reacts and heads downstairs. Here we see her looking at the damage that was done to the Stark Towers but it does not fit with the timeline of the events from the movie. According to the episode, the entire New York Battle is reduced to mere minutes whereas it took significant time till we saw Hawkeye in the position in the movie. But it seems that Marvel has realized this mistake and has actually corrected it.


Stark Tower Error in Hawkeye

Marvel has subtly fixed the continuity error surrounding the Avengers Tower a few days after the episode was released. Fans were having some of the wildest theories regarding this mistake for continuity. But Marvel has removed every possible means of any other theories regarding this mistake. It can be seen that Marvel has fixed it by removing the “K“, the “T“, and the “R” and made it more accurate to The Avengers. This actually indicates that Marvel actually cares for the fans and thus they actually dedicated time to make this change. Now we have some clear idea regarding the events and we can get rid of all the weird theories surrounding this scene.


This is actually quite similar to Disney making a change to the Second Season of The Mandalorian. Here fans might have noticed that a crew member, now renowned as “Jeans Guy“, appeared in the background during Chapter 12. This crew member appeared in a scene that consisted of Gina Carano’s Cara Dune, Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin, and Carl Weather’s Greef Karga facing a laser shootout. But since its premiere, the crew member has now been removed and thus this issue is no longer something that fans have been bothered about.


Fans of the MCU always pay close attention to every single detail from the projects. This includes scenes from the movies where intricate details are added just for the sake of making the project a lot more interesting than we might have expected it to be. There was also an added shadow in the post-credits scene for WandaVision that has now made fans wonder if it actually is Doctor Strange.


Fans can watch the complete series of Hawkeye on the Disney+ streaming platform.

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