10 Huge Characters That Have Already Appeared In DC’s TV Shows

Of course, we all love to have something extra on a plate than what we are supposed to have. Same is the case with superhero shows, we know that we are going to see Arrow in Arrow the flash in the flash and so on but still we get Goosebumps when we see or think that we may get some more superheroes on this shows that a small heroes such as the blue Beetle but we still look forward. Here is a list of 10 such DC characters:

Accelerated man

Accelerated man is the Flash of earth 19. We see him in the episode “Attack on the central city” where he runs and leaves a purple lightning in his path. Though he was shown in a split second moment, yeah, still it was good to have him on the show.


Of course we know about such a big villain who killed 5 million people in Metropolis, if he was there in the Arrowverse we would have known but seeing that we already have an allusion of Harley Quinn as well as the Oracle it won’t be wrong to say that we might be getting the Joker soon on the Arrowverse.

Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke is the son of the green arrow and Sandra Hawke, his mother told him that he is an illegitimate kid, Hawke then takes after his father’s Mantle of the green arrow. The character could be seen in legends of tomorrow in the episode Star City 2046.


Of course, if a big name such as Aquaman was taken on the Arrowverse, we would have known sure his name has not been taken but a lot of reference to the city of Atlantis has been made even Hunter Zolomon said that one of his good friends lives there.

Wonder Woman

This is one of the biggest Easter Eggs that have ever been given on the Arrowverse Hindi episode welcome to earth 2 in the flesh we can see that a telephone number has a lot of girl doors are of Supergirl green arrow, Diana Bruce and Hal Jordan.


Of course when we have Oracle Harley Quin as well as the Joker, so Batman is sure to be on the Arrowverse but that is not the only reference that we have had. In a headline that is shown in the flash, it read, ” Wayne Tech/ Queen Inc merger complete” that shows that there is Batman in the arrow was also rip Hunter says ” I have seen Man of Steel die and dark knights fall”, saying that Batman is there in the Arrowverse


Garfield Lynns is one of Gotham’s best pyrotechnic experts. He then after leading a life in poverty goes towards crime. The character was shown in Arrow but had a really poor adaptation, it is highly doubtful that we will be able to see him again but we sure hope so.

Harley Quinn

Before suicide squad happened, in 2014 we saw that in Arrow that Diggle and Lyla were arguing about a lot of things that A.R.G.U.S. did amongst which there was one trained psychiatrist who looks like Harley Quinn from the back. Sure we would love to see the trio of Black Canary, Oliver Queen as well as Harley Quinn on the show. (Injustice Feels)

Doctor Fate

Of course, we all know who doctor fate is. we got to know that he is one of the most powerful Sorcerers of the DC Comics. He gets his powers from the helmet, wherein resides the spirit of Nabu, who himself was one of the most powerful sorcerers, that helmet was seen in the opening episode of NBC’s Constantine.

Ted Kord


Ted Kord is one of the b list characters of the DC Comics he is the second person that takes the Mantle of blue Beetle this he does after he is requested by his archaeology teacher Dan Garrett. Ted Kord rebuilds his company after his mother’s death and father’s  depression and in the episode undertaking, Robert and Moira Queens can be seen at his fundraiser.  there have been more than a few references to him being a part of the Arrowverse,  this can be seen by Kord company’s banners coming again and again to the shows.

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