11 Strongest Female Characters In X-Men Cinematic Universe

There surely are a large number of strong mutants in the Marvel universe, while a lot of the male mutants such as Cyclops, Logan and Professor X are out there, there are a lot of female ones too. Here in we bring you X-Men fiercest most powerful female mutants of all time:

Jean Grey

Undoubtedly the most powerful member of the X-Men, Jean is great to have by your side, until she’s taken over by the Phoenix force. Once Jean Grey after saving her team and dying comes back as the Phoenix. From being the weakest member of the team she comes back as an entirely new and strong person, however, her powers are not in her control, even so, that the Hellfire club tried to manipulate her into becoming one with their team, but they failed and eventually, she became the Dark Phoenix. She was so strong that she destroyed an entire solar system. After which she killed herself to save the worlds from further devastation. Still, she’s amazingly strong.


Storm is one of the oldest members of the X-Men and the Principal of the ‘Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters’ She, as we all know can control the weather. Ororo has also been the wife of the king of Wakanda, T’Challa, the Black Panther. She is someone that the team can bank upon in times of need. She too has been in almost every X-Men film playing a key role.

Angel Dust

Angel has been a character that we met in Deadpool. An impeccably strong and well-played character, Angel sure captured the hearts of the fans, and Colossus’ too? Maybe, who knows. But surely she is a really powerful character.


She is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants, with her shapeshifting capabilities and great physical prowess, she’s a great asset to whichever side she’s playing for, be with Xavier or Magneto, sure is hell-bent on saving her mutant race. One such time is when she has to kill her own son, Graydon, in order to save the mutants. Graydon is an anti-mutant terrorist group’s leader. Naturally becoming Mystique’s adversary, hence naturally being dead. Undoubtedly she is the single most occurring female character in the X-Men films.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a character who is loved by the comics. Everyone just adores her character. Even after being the youngest in the team, while fighting she sure is a handful. The character could be seen doing some damage to a lot of evil mutants, especially Juggernaut in X-3.

Emma Frost

She is first seen as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club in the X-Men series ‘The Dark Phoenix’ where they try to take control of Jean, the plan backfires greatly though. Later she is rescued by the X-Men and eventually joins the team, playing a prominent role. She probably has a longer romantic relationship with Cyclops than even Jean Grey. The character could be seen to be really important in X-Men First Class.


Yukio is an impeccably strong mutant in the comics. A really well-written character, the fans met her in The Wolverine. The film beautifully depicted the character, making them feel every emotion that her character felt. Not just that she was a formidable ally and friend to Wolverine in the film.


Anna Marie (Rogue) had a pretty rough childhood, starting when her powers first manifested. The young mutant put her boyfriend in a coma after kissing him. She is eventually recruited by Mystique for the Brotherhood of Mutants. During one escape, she absorbs the powers of Captain Marvel, so much so that she is able to fly. She later joins the X-Men and gets into a relationship with Gambit. She is shown to be a key element of the first X-Men film.


Undoubtedly Psylocke has been a fan loved character since Olivia Munn played her so well. A really powerful mutant, who has been in the comics since the 80’s is eagerly awaited to return to X-Men Dark Phoenix film with her impeccably well-shot fight scenes and a charismatic attitude.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Oh yes, she too had to make it to the list. Probably the youngest and the meanest girl of them all, Negasonic sure is a character not to be trifled with. With amazing powers, she also comes with a mean set of sarcastic comments that the fans loved.



There might be some who are powerful, and there might be some who are absolutely mean, but then comes the mother of them all, Laura Kinney is Wolverine’s daughter. Need we say more? The character is a really powerful weapon who also has a heart of gold. Not being able to differentiate between right and wrong, to come to think of Logan as her dad, she sure stole everyone’s hearts.

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