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  • MoviesFan Theories About MCU Villains

    10 Interesting Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Are Believable

    There is a never-ending production of MCU fan theories. Thirsty fans are always wanting for more and more plots and possibilities. It isn’t easy to quench their thirst just with a single storyline. Give them one Marvel movie and they will end up producing 20 fan theories and future stories. Some of them are dismissed as improbable while some are…

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  • MoviesWild MCU Fan Theories

    Wild MCU Fan Theories That Are Hard Not To Believe

    Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful studio as of today. It has seen back to back blockbusters hit for the past 10 years. Its revenue and the fanbase keep expanding with every release. Both Marvel comic book and movie fans delve into cracking meanings and hints from the tiniest details to predict future stories. There are various fansites where…

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