Wild MCU Fan Theories That Are Hard Not To Believe

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful studio as of today. It has seen back to back blockbusters hit for the past 10 years. Its revenue and the fanbase keep expanding with every release. Both Marvel comic book and movie fans delve into cracking meanings and hints from the tiniest details to predict future stories. There are various fansites where they have taken the liberty to create fan theories which are their version of stories and explanations. They use these theories to connect the dots or to explain certain events. Needless to mention how much these hardcore fanatics relish in guessing the future plot. Some are dismissed as senseless while some are pretty convincing. Here are the wild MCU fan theories that are hard not to believe.

 1. Groot Could Be God

A fan provided strong references to support his argument that Groot was God. No no, not just a god-like Thor but The God or a part of The God. His signature line “I am Groot” mirrors to “I am that I am” from Exodus 3:14. And we can’t forget how he sacrificed himself to save the crew, only to be reborn again.

 2. Chitauri’s Invasion

Some fans have mentioned on Reddit that the real bad guys in the Battle of New York may have won. According to them, the Chitauri army sent to cause disruption and fight the Avengers was merely a distraction to their secret agent could invade.

 3. Spider-Man Appeared In Iron-Man 2

Yes, Iron Man 2 released in 2010 when Spider-Man was still a part of Sony and not MCU, but Peter Parker was indeed in Iron Man 2. He was the little boy who came across the drone but got saved by Iron Man. Years later, while promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, actor Tom Holland confirmed this theory. He said, “It is Peter Parker.” And added, “I can confirm that, that is Peter Parker. I can con confirm that as of today”.

 4. Ant-Man Was Always There

Ant-Man could be anywhere and no one would ever know. However, it is worth noticing how the most important and founding members of the Avengers barely got the spotlight. We aren’t talking about Scott Lang’s Ant-Man but about Hank Pym. Hank Pym’s Ant-Man was one of the earliest members of the Avengers team who fought countless battles and adventures. Sadly, the movie never highlighted his contribution but fans wonder if he secretly fought alongside the Mighty Heroes of Earth.

 5. HYDRA Is The Line Between MCU and Fox

Wild MCU Fan Theories
Wild MCU Fan Theories

Before Disney took over Fox, the difference between the two realities was Hydra. MCU was created from the existence of Hydra and Fox was created from the non-existence of Hydra.

In the MCU, the formation of Hydra superseded Hilter and therefore the Holocaust never happened. SHIELD was only formed to counteract HYDRA and it gave rise to Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, etc. However, in Fox, the barbaric events of the Holocaust led to the rise of Magneto and eventually the union of X-Men.

 6. Quicksilver and Wanda Emerge From Infinity Stones

Avengers: Endgame Theory Hulk Snap Infinity Stones

It’s strange how silly as well as convincing this theory about the twins sound. Quicksilver’s blue aura and speed could be sourced from the Space Stone in the blue Tesseract. Whereas, Wanda’s signature red aura may be connected to the Reality Stone. And hey, it can’t be a coincidence that Wanda’s powers can manipulate reality. Similarly, Quicksilver’s speed is not so different from the powers of Space Stone that can make one travel between planets at super speed.

 7. Magneto Saved The Twins

Wild MCU Fan Theories
Wild MCU Fan Theories

Even though there is no doubt that Wanda and Pietro’s father in the original Marvel comic books is Magneto, the clash of rights between Fox and MCU changed their origins. Since MCU didn’t have rights to the X-Men, they had to change the Twins’ backstory where they saw their parents die in an explosion. But some say that the second bomb didn’t explode for the twins because Magneto used his powers to prevent it from detonating.

 8. Did Winter Soldier Kill Peter Parker’s Parents?

Could Winter Soldier have the blood of more than one set of superhero parents? We all established that he was brainwashed to kill Tony Stark’s parents in “Captain America: Civil War”. But if you move back a few movies, Winter Soldier’s activation words in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was “Homecoming” which could be linked to Spider-Man’s firsts MCU movie titled “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. After all, nothing is a coincidence in the MCU.

 9. The Punisher’s Cameo In The MCU

Wild MCU Fan Theories
Wild MCU Fan Theories

Joe Russo said that the truck driver who saved Nick Fury by taking out the cops in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” possessed a “particular set of skills”. This hint sent the fans on a loop and sparked conspiracies that it was the Punisher’s off-screen cameo as the truck driver.

 10. Stan Lee Was A Watcher

What if Stan Lee didn’t just make random cameos but played the same character throughout the movies? Some fans stated that Stan Lee had a purpose for appearing amongst the Avengers always. Their beliefs got cemented when he showed up in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” as the FedEx employee from “Captain America: Civil War”.  He could be a Watcher named Uatu.

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