Hidden Details About MCU Villains That Are Mind-Blowing

Details About MCU Villains:

It is always fun to dig the hidden details in MCU movies and write about them. Marvel loves to sneak in elements that only diehard and eagle-eyed fans who have watched the movie about 10 times will notice. In this article, we will be mentioning little features about the evil characters that were not visible in one go. Though these facts are small, they have a profound meaning. You’ll admire how the directors have smartly added these subtle hints. Without further ado, let us dive into the hidden details about MCU villains that are mind-blowing.

 1. Thanos Used Soul Stone To Find The Real Doctor Strange

Every individual Infinity Stone glows when it is used. That’s how we understood which stone was in action at a particular moment. When Doctor Strange cast the spell to form images of Ikonn, Thanos was bombarded with a plethora of Doctor Strange. The Mad Titan used the Soul Stone to catch the real Doctor Strange by his soul. He also used the Power Stone to destroy the other Doctor Stranges.

 2. Mysterio Held The Glasses Like a Gun

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, when hologram Mysterio pretends to concede and returns the glasses to Peter, he holds them like a revolver pointing at Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the real Mysterio was indeed pointing his gun at Spidey.

 3. Loki’s Body Temperature

Loki was Thor’s adopted brother who was a Frost Giant in reality. When the God of Mischief was held captive at S.H.I.E.L.D in The Avengers, a screen monitor reveals body temperature. Interestingly, Loki’s temperature was significantly low and cold as he was a Frost Giant.

 4. How Hela Caught The Fake Gauntlet

Details About MCU Villains
Details About MCU Villains

When Hela called the Mjolnir fake in Thor: Ragnarok with such ease, most of us assumed her to be pretty smart and ancient to guess that. But it was an easy guess because the real gauntlet turned out to be left-handed while the fake one was right-handed.

 5. Loki As Odin

Disney+ Loki Series Make Him Bigger Villain Than Thanos

In Thor: The Dark World, when Loki was pretending to be Odin, he didn’t take Thor’s Mjolnir. The God of Mischief couldn’t dare to do so because he knew he wasn’t worthy of the hammer and failing to wield it would reveal his sham.

 6. Vulture’s Silhouette

Vulture was played by the talented Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Keaton is also widely known for playing Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman movie series. One of the scenes where Vulture’s silhouette is seen on the moon was a tribute to the popular bat silhouette.

 7. Why Kaecilius Say Hypocrite

Doctor Strange opened with a scene where Ancient One was fighting Kaecilius while her face was hooded. The reason why Kaecilius called her a hypocrite was because the hood was covering a mark on her forehead that is borne from channeling magic from the Dark Dimension.

 8. Hela’s Antlers Grow

Details About MCU Villains
Details About MCU Villains

Hela sourced her power from Asgard and it was evident when she returned from hell. When Hela appeared right after Odin’s death, her clothes were ripped and her antlers were all around the place like shabby hair. But as she reached Asgard and claimed her throne, not only did her horns grow and get in shape, even her costume was fixed like a new one.

 9. Killmonger and The Sanctum Sanctorum

Black Panther

Even though the world of Black Panther and that of Doctor Strange are poles apart since the former relies on high-tech while the latter deals with mystic arts, they seem to be connected. When Eric Killmonger took the thrones, he said that he had allies in London, New York, and Hong Kong. These are the same cities where the Sanctum Sanctorum is situated. And we know better than believing in coincidence in the Marvel Universe.

 10. Heimdall Foreshadowed Hela

Avengers: Age of Ultron had a lot of scenes and dialogues that foreshadowed MCU’s plan. Apart from Tony’s vision that saw Black Widow dead and Captain America’s Shield broken in half, Thor’s vision also hinted at Hela. When Heimdall saw Thor, he called him “the first son of Odin” instead of saying firstborn.

 11. Red Skull’s Real Face Forewarned

The biggest twist in Captain America: The First Avengers was when Schmidt revealed his true face as Red Skull. Though surprising, this twist was forewarned in different ways throughout the film. In one of them, blood spatters on a batch on Schmidt whose design was….well… a skull, indicating the red skull. In another instance, when Schmidt was getting his portrait painted, the artist was using only red paint. The third, more explicit clue was the creases near Schmidt’s ear that clarified that he was wearing a mask.

 12. Mysterio Remembered the BARF Episode Differently

Details About MCU Villains
Details About MCU Villains

Two people perceive the same situation differently and remember different details. When Tony was walking down the memory lane with the B.A.R.F. technology at a presentation in Captain America: Civil War, the audience is silent as he calls the tech BARF. But when we look at the situation from Mysterio’s memory, we can hear the audience laugh. It implies how hard the humiliation hit Mysterio.

 13. Connection Between Ego And Meredith’s Death

It is mind-bending to watch how karma gets back to the characters in the MCU. Thor being pounded by Hulk and later being called “adopted” by Loki was the ultimate “Karma is a b*tch” moment. Even in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Ego, the Living Planet dies exactly the same way he killed Peter’s mom. Just like he inserted the tumor in her brain, the Guardians implanted a bomb in his brain.

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