New Captain Marvel Keyframe Concept Art Reveals Battle With Alien Robots

Captain Marvel has entered into the MCU, and the way she has entered is quite impressive, both in terms of collection and also the reviews from the public. At the initial stages of this movie’s production, the visual artists were rewarded full freedom. They were told to come up with any idea which strikes into their mind and so, Visual Development Head, Andy Park brought a keyframe where he imagined Captain Marvel having a clash with alien robots.

Captain Marvel Concept Art

The keyframe which has been shared by Andy Park is down below and we can see that the robots were replaced by the Kree Sentries. Sentries are the major defense on Hala of Kree race. Here’s what Andy Park shared on Twitter:

Captain Marvel Concept Art

“Keyframe I painted in the very beginning even before there was a script,” Park added. “We were free to come up with imagery that can get everyone excited for the film. I imagined Captain Marvel fighting a horde of alien robots trying to prevent them from ruling the universe!”

Captain Marvel Concept Art

But, there were no Sentries in the film, and there are chances that we will see them in the sequel of Captain Marvel. The sequel of this film is yet to be announced officially, but the box office numbers keep on rising and rising. At this moment, Captain Marvel has collected a sum of $993 million worldwide. Kevin Feige earlier talked about the chances of having a sequel of Captain Marvel and said,

Captain Marvel Concept Art

“The making of a first film is in some ways a brainstorm on the future and on what can be,” Feige added. “So what it will be again is not clear. But what it could be is pretty amazing.”

For now, Captain Marvel is running in theaters. Avengers: Endgame is going to release on April 26, after which, Spider-Man: Far From Home will open the portals of ‘Phase 4’ on July 5th.

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