10 Interesting Details About Doctor Strange Noticed By MCU Fans

Details About Doctor Strange:

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes. He is the latest additions to the MCU and has transcended the universe to the magical realms after Thor. Up until now, MCU was filled with fascinating science fiction and inventions. The master of mystic arts will open possibilities to multiverses which can introduce characters from Spider-verse and also other Marvel heroes like Fantastic Four and America Chavez. The franchise introduced the concept of time travel and parallel dimensions in Avengers: Endgame which was the end of Phase 3. But the time-travel concept was just the beginning of something even bigger that includes Wanda, Loki, and Ant-Man. But Doctor Strange will play a huge part in helming it as he is protecting our reality (d**chebag). Therefore, fans have dedicated extra time and attention to the crucial Avenger of the new phase of MCU, Doctor Strange.  Find out the 10 interesting details about Doctor Strange noticed by MCU fans.

 1. Groundhog Day

Details About Doctor Strange

The climax and solution of Doctor Strange movie were hinted at the beginning of the movie. In one of the scenes when Stephen Strange was looking at his watch, the date displayed was 4th February which is also the Groundhog Day when groundhogs come out of hibernation. Interestingly, it is also the name of a 1993 film where a man is stuck in time and relives the same day every day. And what happened when Strange trapped himself up with Dormamu in an infinite time loop where the hero died and lived over and over again.

 2. Strange’s Beard

Details About Doctor Strange
Details About Doctor Strange

Have you ever noticed the unevenness in Doctor Strange’s beard? That seems unlikely for the high grooming standards in such a big franchise unless it was done on purpose. His uneven beard was a subtle indication of his hands that were affected during the accident.

 3. Unsteady Hands During Infinity War

Avengers: Endgame Doctor Strange

Speaking to Doctor Strange’s hands, despite becoming a Sorcerer Supreme, he could never fix his hands. In Infinity War when Strange was handing over the Time Stone to Thanos, his hands were unsteady and shaking and still bore the marks from the stitches.

 4. Thanos’s Soul Stone Knocked Out Strange

Details About Doctor Strange

When Doctor Strange created an astral projection and produced multiple versions of him to attack Thanos, the Mad Titan seemed troubled for a while. But then the Marvel villain sought the Soul Stone to find the real Doctor Strange through his soul and destroyed the other Stranges with the Power Stone. If you pay attention you will notice that for a moment the real Doctor Strange seemed knocked out of position. This could be because the Soul Stone was trying to pull his soul.

 5. Eye of Agamotto and Apple

The Eye of Agamotto was created by the first Sorcerer Supreme to contain the power of the Time Stone since handling the Infinity Stone with bare hands would fry the person. It allows the user to draw Agamotto’s powers and perform mystic arts with time, space, and reality. On possessing the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange used the relic on his apple and returned the bitten fruit to its original form with the time stone. According to some Marvel fans, the apple also symbolized the biblical meaning of forbidden knowledge.

 6. Psychedelic Job Of Strange

Doctor Strange’s path to understanding the realities of life and learning the Mystic Arts was not a walk in the park. It was extremely difficult and required a lot of sacrifices and mindfulness. But even after overcoming the hurdle, his job continued to get trickier every day with new challenges. During the much-awaited cameo of the great Stan Lee, he was reading Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley which described his experiences after indulging in a hallucinogenic drug called Mescaline. It indirectly reflected the trippy and psychedelic adventures of time and reality.

 7. He Made Triskelion Norse

Doctor Strange made an exciting cameo in Thor: Ragnarok which was obviously unexpected. While teleporting Thor back to Asgard, Strange had formed the Triskelion Norse symbol on the portal. Even though we might not understand everything he makes with his hands(including the balloon-shaped animals), this link to Norse Mythology was fascinating.

 8. HYDRA Target

This not-so-little detail was noticed by all the Marvel fans out there. In Captain America: Winter Soldier Zola’s algorithm had predicted Doctor Strange’s future and made him one of the major targets of HYDRA. It was the least subtle Easter egg in the Marvel universe. And right after two years, we got the Doctor Strange movies.

 9. Stephen’s Love For Watches

Doctor Stephen Strange had displayed a strong thing for watches at the beginning of Doctor Strange movie. He had a huge collection of watches from an eclectic range of brands. And ironically, his path dragged him mystic arts and made him the protector of the Time Stone and our reality.

 10. Made A Small Portal For Wasp

Details About Doctor Strange

It required attention to detail on the part of the audience to spot this element in Avengers: Endgame. Doctor Strange didn’t just open portals of a generic size but MCU ensured to customize the portal size for every hero stepping out of it. While other portals were pretty large, Wasp’s was a tiny one.

Some honorable mentions are-

When Wong Laughed At Strange

Avengers: Endgame Wong

Grumpy Wong only started laughing at Doctor Strange’s jokes after the latter became his senior.

Strange Travelled Through Quantum Realm

Doctor Strange traveled through the same reality that was visited by Ant-Man in the first movie.

Warning On Driving

The credits in Doctor Strange film laid down a disclaimer warning the audience not to get distracted while driving as that’s how Doctor Strange’s origin story was created.

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