9 Marvel Villains We Hope Appear in the MCU and 9 Villains We Hope Never Do!!!

Is Marvel all about the heroes? Is Marvel only a world where the good guys take the spotlight? No, of course not!!! A good hero needs an even better villain just like a light needs a shadow. One is utterly incomplete without the other. Heroics and Villainy are like the two halves of an equation that will keep going on forever. Marvel, in the past years, had trouble producing good villains. Apart from Loki and Vulture, no one else stood out. And then came Thanos the Mad Titan!! He singlehandedly changed the way we looked at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Things are looking up for Marvel on the Villains’ section. And if you think the future of the MCU holds any promise, the following list will be of great use to you. Presenting 9 Marvel Villains we hope to appear in the MCU and 9 Villains we hope never do!!!

Justin Hammer – Yes, please!!


This is one guy that Marvel never really did justice to. Justin Hammer is Tony’s biggest business rival. His company, Hammertech, has global reach and a highly connected network of extremely talented individuals of all sorts of skills in his possession. Justin Hammer was treated like a second fiddle in the Iron Man movie but the fact is he is capable of doing so much more than just blabber and stand in the way. We want Hammer back and we want him done right.

Ego – Hell, no!!

Ego was an Eternal scientist in the comic books that somehow had his consciousness merged with an entire planet and thus becoming a living, breathing celestial body with vast cosmic powers. Ego’s story was changed in the comic books a bit. Ego was no longer a planet-devouring maniac but a guy with a plan to destroy the whole universe and start afresh. While the backstory was cliché, what was even more frustrating was the guy playing it – Kurt Russell. And the Star Lord-Ego connection was so damn corny.

Vulture – Yes, please!!


The Vulture was played by none other than Michael Keaton in Spiderman: Homecoming. The one true Batman played a villain in the MCU. How cool is that!!! Keaton did justice to the role. The Vulture wasn’t a villain in the purest sense of the term. He did what he did because he had to. He had mouths to feed and people of his own salvaging company to take care of. The Vulture had his own agenda and shades of grey accompanied the character every step of the way.

Ultron – Hell, no!!


His role has been done and dusted. It could have been something great but Ultron was failed to be utilized effectively by the Marvel creative team. Ultron is one of Marvel’s biggest assets in the comic books. Whenever he enters the scene, chaos soon follows. He tried his best to scare the Avengers but truth be told, the character had no character depth apart from that magnificent voice. Ultron’s story is over and we urge Marvel to not bring him back.

Killmonger – Yes, please!!


Erik Killmonger is probably the most relatable Marvel villain as of this moment. He wanted to become the King of Wakanda not because he lusted for power, money, fame or women. He wanted to rule Wakanda because he was trying to bring change to the world. His intentions were noble. His ways of achieving that goal were of a Machiavellian notion and were not entirely right. Even T’Challa, the guy who killed Erik at the end of Black Panther, was swayed by Killmonger’s cause and ended up doing exactly what Killmonger wanted to achieve in the first place.

Taskmaster – Hell, no!!


Task Master is your typical Marvel Villain. He is a mercenary and a gun for hire. But most importantly, Taskmaster is a tutor. Who does he teach? He teaches villains. In the comics, Taskmaster actually possesses a school where he trains future super villains in the art of combat. Taskmaster’s greatest ability is his photographic memory which he uses to copy the fighting style of his opponents. The problem with Taskmaster is, there are already many Villains that are close combat fighters in the MCU. We don’t need another one.

Red Skull – Yes, please!!


After seeing him again in Infinity war as the guiding spirit of the Soul Stone, there is no way we wouldn’t want him to appear again in the MCU in some form. Mr Schmidt needs to come back. We want to know more about his story. What did he do on Vormir? How did he survive? Are there more like him??

Ronan – Hell, no!!


Fanatics are so common now. There is one in every corner. We don’t want Marvel to follow a similar approach. Ronan was cool when he first appeared in the MCU in GOTG Vol. 1. After the destruction of Xandar, Ronan has no purpose in the MCU. Let’s hope Captain Marvel will be his final appearance.

Thane – Yes, please!!


Thanos came. Thanos saw. Thanos conquered. The purple titan singlehandedly defeated the entire Avengers’ team. Who could stop him now? No hero that we know of was able to stop the mad Titan in his tracks. Maybe this time, it is Thanos’ own flesh and blood that does that job. Thane is the son of Thanos and has Inhuman powers. Please, Marvel, bring him into the MCU.

The Collector – Hell, no!!

The Collector’s story is done. As much as we love Benicio Del Toro’s acting skills, the Collector has served what he had come to serve in the first place. It’s time for him to take his permanent leave from the MCU. Bringing him back would be unnecessary and redundant.

Grandmaster – Yes, please!!


Jeff Goldblum’s class act in Thor: Ragnarok as the Grandmaster was one of the greatest highlights of the movie. Considering Thor: Ragnarok had so many awesome moments when we cite Goldblum’s performance as the best of the lot; it means saying something!! Grandmaster is still on Sakaar. There is no reason he cannot be brought back into the fray.

Kang the Conqueror – Hell, no!!


The time travelling villain known as Kang the Conqueror’s singular objective is to use time travel to conquer entire timelines. Kang has clashed with the Avengers many times in the comic books. The MCU already is rumoured to be about to use time travel as a plot device. Introducing Kang would mean that plot element would get much more complicated.

Super Skrull – Yes, please!!!


The Skrulls are already going to appear in the MCU in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The Super Skrull is their most well-known warrior. He has all the powers of the Fantastic Four and would make a fun addition to the Marvel cinematic family.

Lady Death – Hell, no!!

Since the Red Skull is already filling that role, bringing in Lady Death would be confusing and redundant at the same time. Besides, in the comic books, Thanos wiped out half the universe with the Gauntlet to impress Lady Death. In the movies, his intentions were totally different.

Hela – Yes, please!!!


Cate Blanchett is Hot. Cate Blanchett as Hela is even hotter!!! Thor and Loki’s elder sister did make her mark in Thor Ragnarok. But we did not see her much in action in the movie. She is the Goddess of Hell and is super powerful. We need more of her in the future Marvel movies.

Galactus – Hell, no!!


The thing about the MCU is that all their heroes face villains that look defeatable. Take Thanos for example. He has the Gauntlet of course but Iron Man and team were almost able to defeat him. Now if you put a guy like Galactus into the mix, who can literally tear apart galaxies, the heroes will literally stand no chance.

Doctor Doom – Yes, please!!


There is no Marvel Villain, not even Thanos that could match the sheer villainy of Doctor Doom. Doom or God Emperor Doom is a legend. He is the biggest threat to the entire Marvel universe. If you think Thanos is the best Marvel could do, you are grossly mistaken. All Hail Doom!!!

Loki – Hell, no!!


Loki, the God of Mischief, finally got the farewell he deserved. He had an incredible character development. Throughout these years, he transformed from a good guy into a villain, then finally turned his back on the villain and became an anti-hero. His story arc within the MCU is complete and if Marvel tries to bring him back would be cinematic suicide. To put it in simpler terms, it would be just plain wrong.


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