10 Strongest Villains in One Punch Man – Ranked

Villains in One Punch Man:

There are several supervillains that appear in the One Punch Man series. Some are forgettable. But some are way too awesome and sinisterly strong to be ignored. While there are powerful S Class heroes, there are powerful Demon and Dragon level threats to oppose their rule too.

 10. Deep Sea King

The Deep Sea King was the primary antagonist of the Sea Monsters Arc. He is a Demon level threat and the ruler of the Sea Folk and intended to rule the surface world and enslave it. The Deep Sea King is being powerful enough to fight several S Class heroes. He easily defeated Puri Puri Prisoner and Genos aka Demon Cyborg. Deep-Sea Kings’ powers are enhanced when he is in the proximity of water. In rain, Deep Sea King becomes even more powerful. His true form is not only scary but enhances his physical attributes. His abilities include acid spit, regenerative healing factor, superhuman physical attributes, as well as the power to transform into a more powerful form. The Deep Sea King can easily dispatch multiple A-Class heroes with minimum effort. The Deep Sea King still has a lower threat level than most and thus occupies the last position on this list.

 9. Carnage Kabuto

Villains in One Punch Man

Carnage Kabuto is the greatest life form created by the House of Evolution. His Threat Level is Dragon. Genos, an S Class hero who can easily take down multiple demon and goddess level villains, was taken out by Carnage Kabuto in precisely three shots. While Saitama destroyed him in just one punch, do not take his threat level lightly. The Hero Association has a simulation system that can virtually predict the outcome of a fight between a hero and a villain. Called the Virtual Genocide System, it pitted Carnage Kabuto against the top S Class heroes.

The system predicted that Carnage Kabuto can defeat Sneck, a powerful A-Class hero in under 3 seconds. He could also take down Genos within two consecutive strikes if Genos remains in his base form. Metal Bat, a powerful S Class hero, could lose to Carnage Kabuto without his fighting spirit within 3 minutes. Against Zombie Man, Carnage Kabuto could last for more than a week while against Superalloy Darkshine, he could last for about 15 minutes.

 8. Gouketsu

Villains in One Punch Man

Gouketsu was once a normal human being. After studying martial arts, he became a fighting genius and won the first-ever Super Fight Tournament, which was said to be the hardest in the history of the event. Gouketsu is said to be more skilled than Suiryu, a fighter who took down multiple A-Class heroes with only a few kicks. After ingesting the Demon Seed and becoming a demon, Gouketsu’s powers increased drastically. His punches were so strong that the shockwaves were powerful enough to blow a hole within the Super Fight Stadium. Neither Bakuzan nor Suiryu, both Super Fight champions could defeat Gouketsu. Genos also failed to make a dent in his body. His fight with Saitama was so intense that it cleared the skies above and the shockwaves created tremors that one could mistake for a mini Earthquake.

 7. Evil Natural Water

Evil Natural Water is another Dragon level mysterious being. He lacks a physical body and his intangible physique makes it very hard for the hard combat styles of various S Class heroes. Atomic Samurai’s three A-Class Disciples were easily dispatched by Evil Natural Water. He simultaneously fought and took down three top tier S Class heroes – Pig God, Atomic Samurai, and Tatsumaki. Evil Natural Water can also project powerful beams of water that can slash concrete and steel. He would have easily killed many other S Class heroes if not for Saitama’s Punch, which weakened his form and allowed Pig God to kill him by drinking the guy whole. Up until now, Evil Natural Water remains amongst the very few villains that have survived a punch from Saitama.

 6. Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede is a Dragon level mysterious being that first surfaced around two years ago. He fought the S Class Rank 1 hero – the enigmatic and elusive Blast. Up until he met Saitama, Blast was the only person who had managed to bring this guy to its heels. Elder Centipede escaped but vowed to return again. He did return, now stronger than ever. He fought multiple S Class heroes – Metal Bat, Bang, Metal Knight, and even Bomb – the elder brother of Bang who has been confirmed to be even stronger than Bang the Silver Fang. Only 4 members of the Hero Association have the power, according to Gyoro Gyoro, to kill Elder Centipede – King, Metal Knight, Blast, and Tatsumaki. Elder Centipede breathed his last at the hands of Saitama though.

 5. Melzargard

Melzargard is an alien organism and a Dragon level threat that worked under the orders of Lord Boros. He was a general within the Dark Matter Thieves organization. Melzargard fought four S Class heroes – Bang, Metal Bat, Atomic Samurai, and Puri-Puri Prisoner. Melzargard is more or less a hive mind. It consists of five separate beings that can work in conjunction as well as individually. The fact that it almost brought 4 of the top S Class heroes to top their knees is a testament to his abilities. Apart from immense strength and speed, Melzargard also possessed the power to regenerate from any wound and the ability to shapeshift.

 4. Overgrown Rover

His threat level is Dragon. Overgrown Rover is one of the top executives of the Monster Association. Apart from blistering speed and agility, he also showed incredible feats of strength and the ability to generate powerful energy bombs that can level several stories in a building. His strength is so high he could easily break the Horn of Uni Horn – a Demon level threat with a horn that is nigh-indestructible. Overgrown Rover also has enough speed to keep up with Demon Garou. He can run up and down walls with ease as well. His greatest physical attribute is his durability. The guy has survived a punch from Monster Garou, a full-blown attack from Bang and Bomb’s combined Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist. He also survived a direct punch from Saitama and did not sustain any damage, unlike Evil Natural Water.

 3. Monster Garou

Monster Garou is easily one of the most powerful entities in the One Punch Man Universe. Even in his human form, Garou was strong enough to fight and defeat S Class heroes. Monster Garou was the evolved version of Garou. After gaining the ability of a monster after ingesting a demon seed, Garou was granted a huge boost in strength and speed. He developed his own style called the Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist. The technique allowed him to toy with and defeat S Class heroes like Puri Puri Prisoner, Child Emperor, Superalloy Darkshine, Flashy Flash, Tastumaki, Atomic Samurai, Zombie Man and Pig God. Monster Garou even defeated Golden Sperm with ease. Monster Garou has gone up against Saitama and lived to tell the tale. ONE has confirmed that Monster Garou’s strength is on the level of Boros but his close combat skills are higher than the latter.

 2. Boros

Villains in One Punch Man

Boros is a Dragon level threat that has transformations to greatly enhance his abilities. Take for example his Meteoric Burst Mode. In this form, Lord Boros has the power to deliver punches that can create shockwaves as big as a city. It was strong enough to push Saitama out of orbit and the aftershocks of the punch generated so much heat that everything in the vicinity just evaporated. Boros’ threat level is easily above Dragon Level since he possesses an attack that is apparently strong enough to annihilate a planet. His regeneration abilities are also the strongest we have ever seen in the series. Nobody except Saitama has the power to take on Boros one on one.

 1. Monster King Orochi

Villains in One Punch Man

The King of All Monsters – Monster King Orochi is a threat that surpasses Dragon. He is probably the only living God-Level threat in the One Punch Man series. His tendrils were powerful enough to grab Awakened Cockroach, a villain who was so fats even Genos had trouble keeping up with. Orochi can dodge attacks by sensing the killing intent of a person. Not even monster Goukestu deems himself strong enough to go against Monster King Orochi. The guy has taken repeated punches from Monster Graou and remained unscathed. Gouketsu even goes so far as to claim that Dragon Level threats like Monster Bakuzan are no match for Orochi, who can defeat them with just one stomp of his foot.

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