10 Strongest S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man:

The S Class Superheroes are the top tier Heroes in the One Punch Man Universe. Even though none of them are as strong as Saitama (or are they?), they do possess some unique attributes and skills that make them stand apart from almost any other hero in the lower level tiers.

 1. Pig God

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

As the name suggests, Pig God is an S Class Superhero whose power is that he can digest anything. His powerful digestive system can dissolve any monster or threat that poses a danger to Pig God. Pig God also has a layer of fat that is pretty much impenetrable armor. Gums, a Dragon Level threat with the bite force to break through steel, could not chew through Pig God’s Fat Armour. His fat also gives him a powerful healing factor, providing the body with enough energy to heal itself almost instantaneously. Pig God is also a very capable hand to hand combatant and is immune to all known forms of poison. He possesses superhuman strength as well.

 2. Drive Knight

Drive Knight is a very calculative and tactical minded fighter. He is very logical in the midst of battle and is ready to make the hard choices at a moment’s notice if the need arises. During his entire tenure as an S Class member of the Hero Association, Drive Knight has never lost a single battle. That is why he has grown confident in his abilities and like Metal Knight, prefers working alone. Drive Knight’s Cyborg body grants him tremendously powerful physical attributes of strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. His greatest asset is his tactical transformation power. Using his Shape-Changing Box, Drive Knight can change his body’s form to suit the battle situation. He can transform into a Centaur, a motorbike, a flying machine, a huge humanoid tank, and the likes. Nobody can predict Drive Knight’s transformations since they are entirely random in nature.

 3. Zombie Man

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Zombie Man is Rank 8 in the Hero Association. Immensely skilled and powerful, Zombie Man has one trick up the sleeve that makes him stand apart from the rest. It is his power of regeneration. Zombie Man is the closest thing to Wolverine the One Punch Man universe has. The guy simply cannot die. Zombie Man has surpassed death. His body can heal itself from any injury the hero sustains. Be it a whole in his skull or his head being ripped off from his body, Zombie Man can regenerate from all these wounds very easily. In one famous fight, Zombie Man fought a monster for a period of 140 hours, sustaining hundreds of lethal injuries but in the end, managed to defeat the monster at its own game.

 4. Genos

He is just 19 years old. Most of his body parts have been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. He is part man and part machine. He is also one of the most powerful S Class heroes to ever exist. Genos has developed a lot as a warrior since he first showed up in one Punch Man. Constantly replacing his parts with newer, more powerful ones, Genos has made an infamous reputation for himself as a ruthless hero who will brutally take down any threat against humanity. The Virtual Genocide System’s simulation reveals that Genos is powerful enough to deal with more than 70 percent of all Demon level threats although he is still not strong enough to take on dragon level villains. Genos is now learning not just to focus on offensive raw power but also to use his wits and trick enemies in battle.

 5. Metal Knight

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

We never come to know if metal Knight is a man or a woman in the series. What we know so far is that the hero is the one with the hugest fortune at his/her disposal. Metal Knight funds most of the facilities and provides technical assistance to the Hero Association if need be. The hero also prefers working alone. Metal Knight uses drone mechas to fight enemies. As a result, he always remains tucked away at a safe distance. Using advanced weaponry, Metal Knight uses shock and awe tactics, overwhelming his enemies with sheer firepower. Metal Knight was the one that rebuilt A-City’s Hero Association HQ in a day, which shows his amazing architectural talent. He is also a genius-level inventor and scientist.

 6. Superalloy Darkshine

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Superalloy Darkshine is the physically strongest hero in the S Class cadre of the Hero Association. A vain and proud individual, Superalloy Darkshine has a very well-built physique and physical attributes that could even make the Demonic Garou crap his pants. Superalloy Darkshine is seen in the same level as Bang and Tastumaki. He is one of the two pillars of the Hero Association, the other being Bang. His hand to hand combat skills are second only to Bang. His ability is called Shimmer. Because Superalloy Darkshine trained his muscles in a different way than the rest of the heroes, he can use his immense musculature to bounce off attacks that are directed at him. Another one of his powerful attacks is called the Superalloy Bazooka, a powerful punch that concentrates all of the hero’s vast energies into one point.

 7. Atomic Samurai

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Known as Kamikaze within the Hero Association, Atomic Samurai is considered to be the world’s most powerful Sword Master. He is a member of the reputed Council of Sword Masters, where he is regarded as their most valuable member. The Hero Association has so much faith in Atomic Samurai’s abilities that they have placed him as the back-up hero to any situation, believing that if the frontline S Class heroes could not handle a problem, Atomic Samurai definitely could. Atomic Samurai’s speed and agility easily far surpass that of most S Class heroes. He once used a toothpick to slice up a monster into pieces. His durability is also God-like. Atomic Samurai’s abilities are said to be so strong that they tend to be nuclear powered. His greatest attack is the Atomic Slash – a series of one hundred sword slashes that are so clean and swift that they can slice up an enemy into elemental molecules.

 8. Bang

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Bang is the Hero Association’s greatest martial artist. He is the founder of the famous Water Smashing Rock Fist technique. Currently settled in Z City, Bang is the third highest-ranking S Class hero in the Hero Association. Bang is considered to be one of the two pillars of the Hero World, the other being Superalloy Darkshine. Bang’s physical attributes far surpass that of even demonic beings like Royal Ripper and Bug God. Despite being well past his physical prime, Bang still gave a Demonic Garou a run for his money, someone who easily dispatched multiple S Class heroes with his new power. His technique – Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist is termed the perfect offense and absolute defense. It can block enemy attacks while leading them in a battle all the while veil a debilitating strike that can easily smash an enemy like raging water smashing into a rock.

 9. Tatsumaki

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Tastumaki is an Esper. Espers are superhuman that have gained the ability to move objects with their mind. A Tatsumaki is the world’s most powerful Esper. Her sister Fubuki is also a powerful Esper but she is not as strong as Tatsumaki, whose ability easily makes her the second strongest S Class Hero in the Hero Association. Tatsumaki’s ultimate power is her Psycho-Kinesis. Her telekinetic output is greater than any being in the One Punch Man Universe. Her abilities are so great that she once lifted an entire mountain with just her mind. She is also capable of lifting an entire city from the ground and keeps it floating in the sky. Superalloy Darkshine claims that in his pre monster form, he never stood a chance against Tatsumaki.

 10. Blast

S-Class Superheroes From One Punch Man

Blast only makes an appearance when humanity is in absolute peril. Otherwise, he just stays put and never shows up. Blast is Rank 1 in the S Class Cadre of Hero Association. He has the respect of the brash and arrogant Tatsumaki, who looks down on literally everyone for their weakness but acknowledges Blast for his skills. Blast once defeated Elder Centipede, a Dragon level villain not even Bang, Bomb, and Genos could defeat when fighting together. Nobody has actually seen Blast in action in the anime. But if you ask us, the only being who can actually challenge Saitama to a duel and fight against him toe to toe is Blast.

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