7 Anime on Netflix For You to Binge-Watch Right Now

Anime has now gained large scale popularity over the years by winning our hearts. One surely can’t get a hold of themselves if they start watching them. Early anime were intended primarily for the Japanese market and employed many cultural references unique to Japan, but as the popularity peeked and captured the global market including that of India and the USA mostly, we bring you the top 7 anime for you to binge-watch on Netflix and be a part of the anime club along with the rest of the world. We assure you that you are in for a CRAZY ride.

 1. Seven Deadly Sins

Anime on Netflix

The series starts with seven sins namely, greed, wrath, pride, gluttony, lust, envy, and sloth mentioned in the holy bible reuniting with the holy knights of the kingdom Brittania after 10 years to save the kingdom and regain what was lost. It’s a thrilling story to watch with laughter along its way and tears around the corner. One can surely feel all the emotions at once and none at the same time.

 2. Death Note

Anime on Netflix

It’s one of the most hyped shows in Japan. The show connects us with the supernatural world and tells us how the human and demon realm are separated for good. The show revolves around a person’s view on justice when faced with a celestial notebook (death note) which can make a person die if his name is on it. The series is a complete ‘stopping your heartbeat’ show and can ensure a great and ecstatic experience.

 3. Attack On Titan

The main idea of the show lurks around the concept of survival and how people fight off demon giants for the survival of their loved ones and themselves. This show takes us to a journey where cannibalistic titans who were stopped from entering the human world by a giant wall, break their way through it and possess danger upon human life. The story goes through some emotional turns and epic face-offs, thus getting a thumbs up from us.

 4. Pokémon

This word rings a bell in our ears and takes us back to our childhood. The ever nostalgic series revolves around Ash Ketchum, the protagonist who takes a journey to become the best Pokémon master by delivering the message along the way, ‘to never give up’. This anime narrates one’s childhood.

 5. Naruto

It’s one of the longest and most successful anime ever. The story starts with Naruto Uzumaki, joining ninja training to become the best warrior and gradually develops upon friendship, teamwork, and turning into a novel man. The show develops along with its characters and offers humor and depth emotions, thus making it worthy of commitment. Also, the fact that the fan base for this show is INSANE!

 6. Code Geass

Anime on Netflix
Anime on Netflix

It’s one of the coolest anime, one could ever witness. The story shows and focuses on rampant militarism and colonization. The series introduces itself by showing how a holy empire Britannia conquers a country called Japan and renames it as Area 11. The empire exercise control by means of powerful destructive robotic weapons but soon their path of destruction and control to be blocked by Lelouch, the black Prince, who uses his power of grass to build an ideal world. The story develops around characters and their fight for justice and even forces you to rethink about your own actions and their worth.

 7. Castlevania

Anime on Netflix
Anime on Netflix

The show takes us back to the dark medieval fantasy where Trevor Belton, the last survivor of the disgraced Belton clan tries to save Easter Europe from the evil clutches of Vlad Dracula Tepes who aims at whipping out humanity from existence. Soon we find that Trevor is not alone and is accompanied by its companion to save humanity from Dracula’s clasp. The show introduces us to the complexity of the characters by showing how Dracula is not just driven by mad forces to eradicate humanity and also how the hero possesses some non-hero traits, which actually brings life to the show.

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