Piccolo’s Real Age And Other Dragonball Z Facts That You Never Knew

Oh yes sure we all are huge fans of the anime series Dragonball Z, but still, there is a lot that we probably don’t know about the series. Here listed are some such facts, which are sure to blow your minds away.

Why Saiyans Have Blonde Hair

Saiyans have blonde hair because it was less work, which here means that while writing the manga, one had to fill in black ink every time in the hair, but blonde hair meant leaving white spaces in the hair region. This though came out to be well accepted and hence, the blonde hair.

Piccolo’s Age

Piccolo, Goku’s former rival and now his one of the most respected ally, is actually a child if counted in Earth years. This can be easily known as how he hatched from the egg of King Piccolo and just in a few years was a young man fighting Goku. He’s almost the same age as Gohan.

Goku’s Voice

Goku, where has been voiced by a staggering total of 12 different voice actors in the English version, in the Japanese version of it, has only been voiced by a single voice actor. The shock doesn’t end there as he’s voiced by a woman. And she’s 80 years old.

Akira’s Forgetfulness

Akira Toriyama, the phenomenal creator of the Dragonball Z manga, is quite infamous now because of his forgetful nature. The writer had completely forgotten that there is a Super Saiyan 2 form in between Super Saiyan & Super Saiyan 3.

Public Funding

Dragonball Z might be popular in the entire world, but in Japan, it’s a phenomenon, the series is so much loved, that it was publicly funded. The Japanese govt. gave out 600,000$ for the funding of the 2014 Film Battle of the Gods.

The Origins of DBZ

There is a lot of the roots of Dragonball Z then we actually know, fans know that a major Chinese tale of 16th century is a major source for the setting and characters of DBZ and also meaning Son Goku, based on the character Monkey, but what they don’t know is that the dragon balls come from a Japanese story the Ape Dog Chronicles. Written about 200 years ago, it is about a princess who mates with her father’s dog and gives birth to 8 magical balls that shoot up into every direction.

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